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  • Take Me Home, Country Roads

    Happy birthday today (Monday) to an Olympic champion who won the Olympic gold medal on a Monday.

    Our birthday champion was born and died in the same city.

    No hurdles, implements, or batons were involved in our birthday athlete's gold medal.

    Born 89 years ago today, this champion died at the age of 74.

    The title of this thread relates to one of the clues.

    This athlete was not the favorite going into the Olympic Games competition.

    Two athletes share the same initials as our birthday champion. Both of these athletes competed in the same event. One of these two athletes won an Olympic gold medal five days after our birthday person won the Olympic gold medal. You might know that the other athlete did something very famous in Los Angeles on February 10, 1962.

    Did I give it away to you? Please name our birthday athlete for this first day of Spring (there's a hint right there).

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    Easy, easy easy. Answer is Jerome Biffle. The " Denver " clue was easy enough, but when you throw in Josy Barthel and Jim Beatty, it's a snap !


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      Wow, very good dukehjsteve. Yes, it is Jerome Biffle, winner of the 1952 (Helsinki) long jump. I should have known those last two clues (Barthel and Beatty) were too easy, but you even got it from the "Denver" clue. Very nice job. I have to start making these more difficult.


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        I never expect to answer any of these but I can't even find the "Denver" clue

        AHA!!!!! Eureka moment...John Denver...

        Small World Category: In the winter of 1951-52 , OKSt drove to Denver in multiple cars to compete in an indoor meet where I was scheduled to jump against Biffle.. He was a better consistent jumper than I but, who knows? Lightning strikes.
        I came down with measles, was quarantined and missed the meet... left behind for three days, I flew home, my first airplane ride.
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          Originally posted by lonewolf View Post
          I never expect to answer any of these but I can't even find the "Denver" clue
          That's where Biffle went to college... U of D. And of course the song cited was sung by John Denver.


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            Great story, lonewolf. I don't mean great that you got the measles, but great that you "almost" beat Jerome Biffle. At least you had the chance to beat him.


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              Well, I don't know that I had much of a chance to beat him but would have liked the shot. Of course, Biffle's winning OG jump was the shortest since ???? and far below his ability but I understand the weather conditions were deplorable.
              I was never a realistic threat to make the Helsinki team and the week before the Trials, I stepped off a bench in the locker room onto upturned spikes, foot got infected...and that was that...
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                I remember how sharp those spikes were.

                Biffle's winning leap in Helsinki was the shortest gold medal distance since DeHart Hubbard won in Paris (1924).


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                  How many of us old cinder-trackers still have lower-leg scars from being gored by those old long sharp spikes ?!


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                    all of us..