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Did They Bring Kicks?


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  • Did They Bring Kicks?

    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to two Olympic champions, both of which turn 45 this day.

    Our birthday athletes have a total of three Olympic gold medals.

    Both athletes were pretty good junior stars.

    The approximate distance from both their birth places is 2,873 miles or 4,623 km.

    One of these two champions was a NCAA champion.

    Neither one of our birthday athletes was born in Australia, South America, or Asia.

    It would help to know that one of these two people won a World Championship gold medal as well as a World Championship silver medal.

    You might know that these champions did not win Olympic medals in the same year.

    Of course you can forget the hurdles when thinking about events for these two.

    I'll bet someone out there knows the answer to this question. Who are our birthday athletes for this first full-day of Spring?

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    how about Morceli and Jearl Miles Clark


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      Not Morceli or Clark. One is from the right continent and the other is from the wrong continent.


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        too hard


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          Derartu Tulu.


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            Bal√°zs Kiss


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              Very good, LopenUupunut and tandfman. It was Derartu Tulu and Balazs Kiss. Of course you know that Tulu won two Olympic gold medals in the 10,000 and one bronze in the same event. Kiss won the hammer throw in Atlanta (1996). Both were born on the same day, same month, and the same year. Nice job, LopenUupunut and tandfman.