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  • Der Dieb der Starts

    Happy 80th birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who won two Olympic gold medals on a Thursday at the same Olympic Games.

    This athlete was the first person in 32 years to win a certain event at the Olympic Games and not be from a certain country.

    Our birthday athlete equaled the Olympic record in winning one event and equaled the world record in the other event.

    Seventeen years ago an a European athlete won an Olympic gold medal in a field event. Both athletes (birthday athlete and the European athlete) share the same initials.

    If you had to travel from our birthday athlete's birthplace to the city where this person won the Olympic gold medal, it would be about 453 miles or 730 km.

    Thirty-three years ago an athlete from the same country as the one from the European nation in the clue above, won an Olympic gold medal. Again, both athletes (birthday athlete and this one) share the same initials.

    Born on a Monday, our birthday athlete shares the same initials as another European Olympic gold medalist who won Olympic gold about 97 years ago.

    Controversy came with our birthday athlete.

    An athlete who won two Olympic gold medals in the same event as our birthday person also shares the same initials as our birthday individual.

    I imagine you must know this Olympic champion. Please name our birthday athlete for this "World Water Day".

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    The title suggests Armin Hary, so I suggest him (even without checking whether the remaining clues fit).


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      Originally posted by Olli View Post
      The title suggests Armin Hary, so I suggest him (even without checking whether the remaining clues fit).
      My first thought too. And reading the remaining clues I'm pretty certain.


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        Happy birthday today to Armin Hary and very good, Olli. LNO, you were close. With a title like that, it had to be Hary. He won the 1960 Rome Olympic 100 with another great start and of course, ran the second leg in Germany's winning four by 100 relay team.


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          Too easy. I was a D student in German and as soon as I saw the title I knew the answer.


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            One of the very few I have been able to correctly guess the answer from just the original post. In fact I was able to guess Armin Hary after the 3rd paragraph


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              Now I am thinking of the other athletes with same initials. Arto Härkönen and Arsi Harju are two of them; funny that it took me so long to realize this (living in the same country as they).

              The one with two gold medals in 100m may be something like Archie Hahn, but I am not so good with these early champions, so the name may not be quite right.

              Who is the European gold medalist in 1920, I have no idea (not a Finn this time, I suppose).


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                Albert Hill, winner of the 800 and 1500.


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                  Very good Olli and LopenUupunut. You got them. Arsi Harju, Arto Harkonen, Albert Hill, and Archie Hahn.