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    Happy birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion who died on a Friday seventeen years ago this month.

    Our birthday athlete went to the same school as did Tim Allen (television) and the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens (NFL).

    I didn't say our birthday person graduated from this school because this athlete actually moved to another school and graduated at the new school. You might know the "new" school because of these four alumni: 1. Ben-Hur and Andrew Jackson, 2. Ran with Sargent Shriver, Jr., 3. Oscar Best Actress 1983 (Looking For Her Brother), and 4. Two Olympic golds in London (2012) men's swimming.

    August of 2018 will mark 70 years since our birthday athlete won the Olympic gold medal.

    Today marks 91 years since the birth of our birthday athlete.

    Only 22 when winning the Olympic gold medal, the silver and bronze also went to the same country as our birthday champion.

    By now, you must know the name of this athlete who was not the favorite five months before the opening of the Olympics that year.

    Go ahead and name our birthday athlete for this fourth Friday of March.

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    Harrison Dillard


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      Just a blind guess


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        Oh well, checked and that was wrong


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          Originally posted by Tuariki View Post
          Harrison Dillard
          Among other things, Harrison Dillard is still alive.


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            Harrison Dillard is not a bad guess. Yes, Dillard is still alive.


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              Well, it's 1948, and has to be a sweep. SWAG at the 110 HH and Bill Porter.


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                Way to go, dukehjsteve. It is Bill Porter who was born today 91 years ago. Porter did lead a U.S. sweep of the 110 hurdles (it was the fifth such sweep in Olympic history). Since 1948, it has been done three times (U.S. 110 hurdle sweep). I believe the last time it was done was 1960 in Rome. It's not an easy thing to do because the race is so short and all those tall barriers (what could go wrong?). Very good, dukehjsteve.