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    Happy 52nd birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who won that gold medal on a Saturday.

    This champion was 25 when our birthday athlete broke a bone in this person's left foot.

    Our birthday athlete did not win the Olympic gold medal in the hurdles.

    Unscramble these eight letters for a hint as to who this person is: Arial Bug.

    You might find it interesting that our birthday athlete won five World Indoor gold medals.

    Four years after taking the Olympic silver medal (same event), our birthday champion placed fourth at the Olympic Games.

    Not only Olympic gold, but our birthday person won two World Championship gold medals.

    Name this Olympic champion.

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    The anagram is Bulgaria, which means it's probably Donkova or Kostadinova. I'm guessing the latter--I don't recall Donkova winning that many World indoor/outdoor titles.


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      Happy birthday today (52) to Stefka Kostadinova, the world record holder in the women's high jump (1987). Very good, tandfman. I guess I should have made the anagram a little more difficult to figure. I was lucky enough to be in Rome in 1987 to see her world record (still the record) and one year later in Seoul to see that exciting women's high jump with Louise Ritter winning. Stefka was 31 when she won the gold medal in Atlanta (1996).


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        I am waiting for someone to solve the title.


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          Sorry, lonewolf. Sometimes the title is more difficult than the athlete. Stefka Kostadinova, when asked about her favorite hobbies, has replied, "They are cars, computers, and watches." Sounded like a good title to me.