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XC History book forthcoming


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  • XC History book forthcoming

    The Complete History of Cross-Country Running: From the Nineteenth Century to the Present Day, a book by Andrew Boyd Hutchinson, is due for release in January 2018.

    It's not out yet, so I obviously haven't read it, or seen anything but the cover, but I do have some thoughts on it!

    I tweeted Toni Reavis about it, asking if there are any stat lists in the book.
    I was told there will be a free e-book available which will have stats!
    So I'm guessing the book itself does NOT!!

    Bad idea!!

    I've never been a big fan of XC---although I DID enjoy the few (1.8 mile??) XC races I ran at All-Comer meets at Pierce College in the early to mid-60's!

    But as the compiler of my own Record Book, I NEED stats---even if XC stats are practically useless and meaningless, due to the varied courses, weather conditions (mud!!), and the different distances!

    What will this History include, if not stats?
    Descriptions of races, bios of famous XC champions, the origins of XC running?
    I believe so!!

    It's cost (on Amazon) is listed now as just under $50!!
    It's 400 pages, and I assume it will have many photos!

    Craig Virgin (!!) is listed as a co-author, but Hutchinson seems to be the main writer!
    Shannon Rowbury---among several others---was interviewed for the book!!

    So what do you think?
    Will you pay $50 for this book?
    (Amazon says free shipping!!)
    WHY will you buy it?

    I'm on the fence right now---with most of me on the OTHER side!!

    (FYI---My blog has limited coverage of XC!! I call it my "vacation" time!! I will name a few high placers, and even 1 or 2 VERY fast times, but since my blog is all about Records & Marks, XC has little appeal to me!
    For my blog (& Record Book), I'm most interested is seeing who's running fast, so as to make guesses as to who might run fast INdoor 5000's in December---something that's happened quite a bit these past few years!!)

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    Virgin wrote the forward. He is not a co-author.


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      A couple of years back Hutchinson did a nice compilation of American results at the first 50 IAAF XC races, which can be found in our Archive.