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    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to two Olympic champions with a total age of 143 years.

    The older of the two athletes won three Olympic gold medals during two Olympic Games, while the younger person won one Olympic gold medal competing in only one Olympics.

    Both athletes set world records in winning those medals and both people competed in the same Olympic Games.

    One of these people was a teenager when winning Olympic gold.

    No hurdles were involved in any of their events at the Olympics.

    I know you know both of these athletes with birthdays that fall on this last Tuesday of August. Please name both people. Remember, no research allowed.

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    Guess based on initials: Wyomia Tyus and Bob Beamon.


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      Happy birthday today to Wyomia Tyus (72) and to Bob Beamon (71) and very good, Olli. You got them. Wyomia Tyus was only 19 when she won the 100 in Tokyo in 1964. She also ran on the silver medal four by 100 relay team in Tokyo. She won the 100 in Mexico City four years later and won another gold on the four by 100 relay team in 1968.

      Of course Bob Beamon won the long jump in Mexico City. Probably the one event most people remember from the 1968 Olympic track and field. I was in Mexico City in 1968 and also remember the crowd's reaction to Dick Fosbury and his Flop. I remember many people in the stands laughing whenever Fosbury jumped (most had never seen that high jump technique). When he cleared 2.24, I didn't hear any laughter, just cheering.

      Very good, Olli and happy birthday today to two great champions.