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    Originally posted by gm View Post
    I appreciate the corrections for the USATF site. According to Frank Z., the men's indoor multi was not contested as a national championship in 1993 or 1994.

    When I took over maintaining/compiling lists and champions for USATF, I used the information that was passed on from the previous person. Where possible, I have updated the information. It's a work in progress!
    "Glad to be of service."

    Thanks for the insight. Keep up the good work.

    I'm grateful for the resources provided by Dr. Z. Otherwise, I would have wasted even more time trying to figure out the meaning of "GallF".


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      We certainly have come up with a lot of information here, but are we any closer to figuring out when or where Jill Montgomery may have won a U.S. National Championship?


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        I sent Jill Montgomery an email. All though I doubt she'll respond back.


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          Going through on the wayback machine at gives this from the preview to the 1998 meet (from april 1998 version of the page):

          Pentathlon: DeDee Nathan (Nike Indiana), Ali McKnight (unat), Jill Montgomery (Accusplit).

          Notes: The women's multi-event competition will be contested at the indoor championships for the first time this year. A 1997 USA World Championships team member, Nathan was the #2-ranked American heptathlete last season. McKnight was ranked #5.

          The heat sheets listed only Nathan and Montgomery (both of whom competed in the long jump).

          Perhaps if Nathan pulled out at the last minute, USATF just cancelled the event rather than have one person run (or maybe they cancelled it with only two declared entries).

          Back when I was a wrestler (a dangerous sport, apparently ), if you were the only person to report to the mat for a bout, you got your hand raised, and it counted on your record as a win. Maybe that is the rationale here.


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            TN says the '98 Pent was canceled for lack of entries.


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              Unique meanings of not held and canceled at play here might require a class in (conceptual?) semantics.
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                She competed for Kansas State for a year or two. Hardly ever finished an entire heptathlon, usually pulled a hamstring or something in the middle of it. The National Championship she refers to is probably the time in either 94’ or ‘95 Kansas State held an indoor multi events meet because the multis weren’t a part of the USATF indoors. She was the only competitor entered, so she won by default. Not sure about her “professional” career, but I don’t think she competed in the US Championships in 97 or 98.


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                  So the operative question is - why is she the 'expert commentator' for ESPN?


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                    I was wondering the same thing as Atticus yesterday while watching the meet because I had never heard of her. I found this decent article telling how she got the job, although it doesn't explain anything about the possible national pentathlon championship -


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                      Originally posted by Atticus View Post
                      So the operative question is - why is she the 'expert commentator' for ESPN?
                      Anyways it appears that era is over...

                      Is bizarre...basically ESPN didn't care who did commentary.