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  • Peter Kelly

    Happy birthday today to an Olympic champion who was born on a Wednesday some 104 years ago today (Sunday) and died on a Wednesday almost 11 years ago.

    This champion competed in two Olympic Games and won gold medals in both Games.

    Our birthday athlete first won Olympic gold about 1,746 miles (2,800 km) from this person's place of birth.

    You might be interested to know that this individual competed in three different events during those two Olympics.

    The Olympic gold medals this person won came from the same event and the winning performance was the same at both Olympic Games.

    Of course you can forget the hurdles when thinking about an event for our birthday star.

    I will tell you that our birthday champion did not compete in the steeplechase, decathlon, any of the weight events, or the marathon at the Olympics.

    A very famous American cowboy star and our birthday athlete have something in common.

    Did I just give it away?

    Please name this champion for this fourth Sunday of October.

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    I don't know the answer but probably an American male sprinter in the 4 x 100m relay who was also entrred in the 100m and 200m but didn't place.


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      A very good guess, Tuariki, however our birthday athlete is not an American male. You are correct about the 100, however the other event for our birthday person is a field event.


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        Must be Annette Rogers, who won 2 gold medals with the 4x100
        american relay, in 1932 and 1936.



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          Annette Rogers it is, jmdjmd. Rogers was born 104 years ago yesterday (Sunday). She was fifth place in the 1936 women's 100 and had competed in the high jump in Los Angeles in 1932. Very good, jmdjmd.