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    Norman S. Taber from Brown University was indeed a Rhodes scholar, but when in London studying he ran with the Oxford team that included 1912 Olympic 1500 m gold medalist , Arnold Nugent-Strode Jackson that defeated a great U of Penn 4 mile relay team at Penn Relays.
    He than became a great Economist who was a chief financial officer in Truman's Marshall Plan.
    He is also the second world mile record holder sanctioned by IAF in 1915.
    BamBam's list of all Olympian and Rhodes Scholars lists only 3/12 athletes after WW II era.

    I know of only one Olypian/Nobel Prize receipient.
    Older athletes were true scholar/athletes who were also true amateurs?
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      Originally posted by midwestfan View Post
      I know of only one Olypian/Nobel Prize receipient.
      Philip Noel-Baker - silver medalist at 1920 Olympics in athletic, and winner of 1959 Nobel Peace Prize.

      However, on the familial side, Jean d'Estournelles de Constant, a sailor at 1900 Olympics, was the brother of Paul-Henri-Benjamin d'Estournelles de Constant, who won the 1909 Nobel Peace Prize


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        Thank you BamBam for only Nobel Prize/OG Medalist combo, Phillip Baker. As a 21 yr old he ran in 1912 OG 1500 and finished 6th. Then he waited and trained for six years to get his OG medal at age 29yr.

        A pearl for everyone to tuck away.. Norm Taber and Phillip Baker ran against each other in the 2nd heat of the qualifying round of the 1912 OG 1500 heat and ran 1-2 to both qualify for the finals.. What a picture to have of Baker and Taber crossing finish line almost shoulder to shoulder with the subtitle below the photo "here are two men who will earn a silver, a bronze OG medal, a Rhodes Scholarship and a Nobel Prize" to put on their resume when they leave their athletic careers"