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    Happy 71st birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who won the Olympic gold medal on a Sunday about 34 years ago.

    Our birthday athlete was the first from a certain country to win an Olympic gold medal in any sport.

    This champion competed in three Olympic Games, but was denied a fourth Olympic Games because of injury.

    In the second of those three Olympics, our birthday athlete won the silver medal.

    You might know that this person competed in three different events during those three Olympic Games.

    When our birthday individual won Olympic gold, it was only the fourth time this athlete had competed in this event.

    I believe you know this champion. Go ahead and give the name of our birthday athlete for this third Sunday of February.

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    Carlos Lopes?


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      Happy birthday today (71) to Carlos Lopes and very good, mcgato. Lopes ran the 5 and 10 in Munich at the age of 25. He didn't make the finals of either event, but he did win the silver medal at the 10,000 four years later in Montreal. Injuries prevented his participation in the Moscow (1980) Olympics and of course he won the marathon in Los Angeles (1984). The Los Angeles Olympic marathon was only his fourth marathon and he set an Olympic record (2:09:21) at the age of 37.