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RIP Laszlo Tabori


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    There was a lengthy obituary in Friday's N.Y. Times. According to it, he was born Lazslo Tabircsuk in Kocise. I found two stories from Tabori's youth interesting. His father worked at a railroad station, and as a youth he delivered messages to people living 6 or 7 miles away, running all the way. During WW2 he would steal food from the German troops and run off, obviously not being caught.


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      Originally posted by KDFINE View Post
      There was a lengthy obituary in Friday's N.Y. Times.
      Laszlo Tabori, Celebrated Hungarian Runner Who Bolted to U.S., Dies at 86


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        I was a teenager when this great Hungarian group came on stage. Besides the three milers mentioned above, there were also Kovács, Szabó and Rózsnyoi. In those days, a dual meet Czechoslovakia-Hungary was held annually. Great memories, I recall personally attending 2 of them, in Bratislava and Ostrava.

        BTW, I did not know Tábori was born in Košice.
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          RIP Laszlo Tabori dies at 86

          Great Hungarian 1500/5000 runner who was the third one to break 4 in 1955. He defected (with his coach Mihaly Igloi to the US rather than return to Hungary after the Games. His training for the '56 games was adversely affected by the Hungarian revolt in 1956 that was brutally put down.

          I ran along side him for several miles in my first marathon in 1974 as he and several others accompanied Jacqueline Hansen to a world Record (her second) of 2:43 or so (going by memory). I was stunned to find out how fast we were running, since I knew the Women's WR was about 2:47, so how fast could some local runner be going...


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            Thanks for sharing this moment you had of running with Tabori. A great memory. (By the way, there is a Tabori thread in Historical, in case you have not see it as yet.)


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              all RIP threads are shunted to Historical


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                I put them here where people will see them; I only go to the Historical section about once or twice a month. Then they can be shunted. I suppose that I should have looked there first.