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    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who was born on a Wednesday 56 years ago.

    This person won the Olympic gold medal on President Jimmy Carter's 64th birthday.

    Our birthday athlete has two daughters who also compete in track and field.

    The spouse of this Olympic champion won two Olympic gold medals at the same Olympic Games where our birthday athlete won one Olympic gold medal.

    No hurdles were involved in any of the three Olympic gold medals from our birthday champion and the spouse of our birthday champion.

    If you are now wondering about continents where these two people were born, you can forget North and South America, Africa, and Australia.

    Someone out there knows the answer to this question: Who is our birthday athlete for this fourth Wednesday of August?

    Bonus question: What is the name of the spouse of our birthday athlete? Remember, our birthday athlete's spouse won twice as many Olympic gold medals as did our birthday champion.
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    Wild, and probably misspelled, guess: it's Victor Bryzgin's birthday; his spouse is Olga Bryzgina.


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      Happy birthday today to Viktor Bryzgin (56) and nice job, Davidokun. His wife (Olga) beat Flo Jo on the anchor leg of the 1988 Seoul Olympic women's four by four relay. She also won the women's 400. Viktor ran the first leg on the winning four by 100 relay for the Soviet Union.


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        Olha actually won 3 gold medals, not 2 - 2 at the 1988 Olympics