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  • Both Can Understand Winning

    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to two Olympic champions, both of whom competed in the same two Olympic events.

    Our birthday athletes' birthplaces are approximately 120 miles (193 km) from each other.

    After 32 birthdays for the older person, the younger athlete was born.

    Both athletes won Olympic gold medals with world records and both athletes were the same age when winning those three Olympic gold medals.

    The younger person was born 44 days before Pearl Harbor was attacked, which started World War II for the United States.

    Born on a Sunday, the older champion won Olympic gold on a Sunday and died on a Friday after winning Olympic gold on a Friday.

    Three days before turning 23, the younger athlete won Olympic gold.

    No hurdles were involved here.

    You might be interested to learn that the older athlete died of a heart attack at the age of 56 and this champion died in the same country where our younger athlete won the Olympic gold medal.

    It is interesting to note that the older person won two Olympic gold medals in the same country where this athlete was born.

    Are you confused? I hope not. Please name our two Olympic champions for this fourth
    Wednesday of October.

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    The only one with UW initials that comes to mind is Ulis Williams, but I honestly don't know what events he did.


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      Happy 77th birthday today to Ulis Williams and very good, mcgato. Ulis Williams was fifth place in the men's 400 at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

      Two days later, he ran the third leg (45.4) on the winning four by 400 relay for his gold medal which happened just three days before he turned 23.

      Who is the older of the two athletes?


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        Bill Carr


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          Bill Carr is correct. Very good, dukehjsteve. Bill Carr won two Olympic gold medals in Los Angeles (1932). His first was the 400 where he set a world record. Two days later he anchored the winning four by 400 relay to another world record. Carr died in Japan while on vacation just about 15 months after Ulis Williams won his Olympic gold medal in Japan. Carr was born in Arkansas approximately 120 miles from where Ulis Williams was born in Mississippi.