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  • The Legacy of Ted Corbitt –

    The Legacy of Ted Corbitt –
    A site dedicated to Preserving the History of Track & Field & Long Distance Running

    The site has been updated with these highlights:

    Ted Corbitt Milestones in Running and Physical Therapy:

    African American Running History:
    1880 – 1979 Timeline – Achievements in Middle and Long Distance Running
    All-Time Women Marathoners – Sub 3 Hours
    New York Pioneer Club (NYPC) – Civil Rights History through Athletics

    Early Women Pioneers of Long Distance Running – Oral Histories:
    Conference Call dedicated to Lyn Carman (1936 – 2014) with these women pioneers Merry Leppe , Chris McKenzie, Grace Butcher , Julia Chase Brand , Roberta Bobbi Gibb, Sara Mae Berman, Doris Brown Heritage, Judy Shapiro Ikenberry, and Arlene Pieper Stine.

    Two conference calls dedicated to Ruth Anderson (1929 – 2015) with these pioneers of ultramarathon running: Donna Gookin , Lou Peyton , Suzi Cope ,Ann Trason , Chrissy Ferguson, Eileen Waters Connolly (1945 – 2016) Marge Hickman, and Randi Bromka Young.

    The Birth of New York Road Runners:
    The first 64 issues of Road Runners Club: New York Association Newsletters (1959 – 1974). Issue #1 to #54 which was printed with a mimeograph machine on the Corbitt Family dining room table.

    The Pioneers of Road Running Course Measurement – Oral History:
    Conference call with these pioneers in course measurement: John Booras, Ken Young (1941 – 2018,) Alan & Clain Jones , David Katz, Pete Riegel , and Roy Pirrung.

    Gary Corbitt
    Curator: Ted Corbitt Archives
    Historian: National Black Marathoners Association (NBMA)