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  • Kudos Bob Hersh

    I just read that Bob Hersh has been selected to the U.S. Track and Field Hall of Fame, in the Contributor category, joining such luminaries as as Bert and Cordner Nelson, Howard Schmertz and Jim Dunaway.

    I know he's on here, so cheers, bro!
    [I believe he also has a log-in in his own name, so he can take public credit!!]

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    Citation excerpts:

    From high school manager to the upper echelon of international sport, Bob Hersh (Roslyn Heights, New York) has served the sport of athletics as an official, public address announcer, writer and administrator during his more than 60 years of involvement. . . .
    Hersh moved into officiating after law school at Harvard. He played a critical role in The Athletics Congress/USA Track & Field as Records Committee chair (81-88), Rules Committee chair (89-01) and General Counsel (89-97) and was a Board member from 1981-2015.
    Hersh was a member of the IAAF Technical Committee from 1984-1999 and was an IAAF Council member from 1999-2015, rising to Senior Vice President in 2011, the highest IAAF position ever held by an American. He also served on numerous IAAF Commissions and Working Groups and was a Technical Delegate at the Olympics and IAAF World Championship events. He was awarded the IAAF Silver Order of Merit in 2015.
    As PA announcer for six Olympic Games and nine World Championships, Hersh was the English language voice of international track and field athletics for a generation. He also announced at a multitude of major U.S meets. He was named USATF’s Giegengack Award winner in 1997 and twice received President’s Awards.


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      Bob is the bluest of all blue chippers in the world of Track and Field.


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        Let's at least call him by his proper name, The Commish


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          Congratulations to Bob Hersh, a true "legend" ("An extremely famous person in a particular field"..Oxford Dictionary). Anyone who was in high school with Woody Allen and "Sandy" from Grease-fame, Carole Demos had to end up a legend.
          I consider it an honor now to have been critiqued by a legend (Ah, "yes" I remember it well").
          Bob Hersh not only was the manager of the Columbia Track Team, he was also the President of the Managerial Council and wrote amazing articles in the school newspaper, Columbian Spectator his senior year. I read several and they had a style and class of making the Columbian runners stars of the future even if they finished 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place.

          For 78 years Bob Hersh has accomplished and given to the sport of Track and Field more than anyone including all those Olympians and World Record Holders who we know by name, event, and time.

          Someone once said: 'Enjoying success is the best reason to try and achieve it"

          Enjoy the moment, Bob


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            Originally posted by bambam1729 View Post
            Let's at least call him by his proper name, The Commish
            or as Jim Dunaway named him before Commish came along, "Hats Hersh" (as in, he wore them all... at once)


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              I first met Bob on an air flight to Reno for the USATF (f/n/a TAC/USA) Annual Meeting in 1981. It has been a privilege to know and often work with him for 37 years.

              I look forward to his induction ceremony in Columbus on December 1st.
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                Just a few excerpts from his home-page-linked Q&A:

                How did you get started with track and field?
                I grew up living two blocks from Ebbets Field, the home of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, and I went there all the time. When I was 12 years old, a good friend suggested that I might like track and field, so my father took me to a track meet at Madison Square Garden, and I just went nuts.

                What achievement are you most proud of in your career in track and field?
                I announced six Olympic Games, nine World Championships
                I developed the USA/Mobil Indoor Grand Prix . . . I wrote the rules, and I was the scorer and administrator

                How many world records have you witnessed, and which one was seen by the fewest people?
                I can tell you that of the 42 standard in-stadium events at world championships and Olympics, that is everything other than the walks and the marathon, I've seen the current world record in 23 of them.


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                  gh thank you for your part in the video! It turned out great


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                    Best surprise of the evening was hearing Bob intro the two MCs, Sanya Richards-Ross and Todd Harris.


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                      Anyone have a video link and/or more photos from the gathering?


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                        I understand that the whole evening will be shown on NBCSN later this month. I don't know the details.


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                          To say Bob had a good day Saturday would be an understatement lol

                          Congrats BH - everything well deserved.


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                            Originally posted by tandfman View Post
                            I understand that the whole evening will be shown on NBCSN later this month. I don't know the details.
                            Thanks for the heads up and I guess it would help if I could read more thoroughly an article I read before I posed the question.

                            A broadcast of USATF Night of Legends will air on NBCSN on Saturday, December 15 at 11 p.m. ET.


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                              Congrats, Bob. A very deserving honor.