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  • Long Distance Running Competition

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to two Olympic champions with a total of five Olympic Games competitions and three Olympic gold medals.

    The older person was 18 when the younger athlete was born in Europe.

    Our younger birthday athlete died at the age of 61, while the older individual died at the age of 62.

    These athletes did not compete in the same event.

    You might know that the older person competed in only one Olympic Games after serving in World War II.

    Athlete B (the younger one) won Olympic medals on the same day and same month, but not the same year.

    A full set of Olympic medals (gold, silver, and bronze) was won by one of our birthday athletes.

    One of these two people won Olympic gold medals one week apart.

    Please name both birthday athletes for this first Sunday of 2019.

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    Ludvik Danek and Roy Cochran?


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      LopenUupunut, you did it again. Congratulations. It is Roy Cochran and Ludvik Danek who were born today 100 years ago (for Cochran) and 82 years ago (for Danek). Cochran won the 400 hurdles in London (1948) at the age of 29. One week later he earned another Olympic gold medal when he ran 47.8 on the third leg of the winning four by 400 relay in London. Roy Cochran died almost 38 years ago at the age of 62. Ludvik Danek competed in four Olympic Games (all in the discus). His first Olympics was Tokyo in 1964 where he took the silver medal. Four years later in Mexico City, he got the bronze medal and in 1972 (Munich), he won the Olympic gold medal. In Montreal (1976), Danek finished in ninth place to end his Olympic career. He died at the age of 61 about 21 years ago. Nice job, LopenUupunut.


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        Ha, the heading made me think of long-distance runners, and no one came to mind with initials LD or RC.


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          Don't always believe those headlines.