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Happy Birthday – Madeline Manning January 11, 1948


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  • Happy Birthday – Madeline Manning January 11, 1948

    Celebrating African American Running History
    African American Running History Timeline Project (1880 – 1979)

    Happy Birthday – Madeline Manning
    January 11, 1948

    1968 Olympic Champion 800 Meters
    Four time Olympian – 1968 – 1972 -1976 - 1980
    First American Female to break 2 minutes at 800 Meters

    World Records Held:
    1966: 880 Yards Indoor – 2:08.4
    1969: 800 Meters Indoor - 2:02.02
    1968: 800 Meters – 2:00.9

    American Records Held:
    1967: 800 Meters – 2:02.3
    1975: 800 Meters – 2:00.5
    1976: 800 Meters – 1:59.8
    1976: 800 Meters – 1:57.9

    Madeline competed for Tennessee State University and was a member of the famed TigerBelles.
    From 1967 to 1980, she won 10 national indoor and outdoor titles.
    She has been the Chaplin at Olympic Games since 1988, and is an author, speaker, and contemporary gospel recording artist.

    From Louise Mead Tricard Book; American Women’s Track & Field A History, 1895 through 1980
    “The aspect of Madeline that goes far beyond her magnificent running talent documented above is perhaps summed up in what she wrote to me on a page in her book, Running for Jesus: Thank you for the opportunity to share my love in Christ through coaching, singing, dancing, acting, and being part of a great service to upcoming women athletes. Love, Madeline”

    Listen to these three videos of Madeline in her own words:

    Madeline Manning Mims, a former Olympian, is now a chaplain to athletes. CNN's Richard Allen Greene reports.For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channe...

    Still Reaching for the Gold: Her record-breaking win in the 800m during the 1968 Olympics placed her on the world map. Madeline Manning-Mims' career would ta...

    Madeline Manning FYI: I am the first U.S. female to win a gold medal in the 800 meter run and presently the only one 50 years later. This was done in a World record, Olympic record and American record time of 2:00.87. My fastest time ever was an American record at 1:57.87. Winning the gold by a substantial margin in 68 opened the door for women of color worldwide to begin running middle and distance running.