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  • Diego de San Nicolas

    Happy 71st birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who also owns an Olympic bronze medal in the same event.

    Our birthday champion won both Olympic medals on a Thursday, however this athlete did not compete in any of the Olympic hurdle races.

    Some of you may be familiar with Samuel Finley Breese Morse (not an Olympic champion) and you might know the connection with our birthday athlete.

    One of our birthday athlete's Olympic medals was won on the same continent where this champion was born.

    A sprinter, sharing the same initials as our birthday athlete, won Olympic gold four days before our birthday athlete won Olympic gold.

    If you are wondering where our birthday person was born, you can forget Africa, Australia, and Asia.

    Please name our birthday champion.

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    Arnie Robinson?

    Have to admit I'm not familiar with the Morse connection.


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      Robinson went to Samuel FB Morse High School.


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        Happy birthday today to Arnie Robinson (71) and nice going, LopenUupunut. Robinson, of course, won the 1976 Montreal long jump and was third place in Munich (1972). He was born in San Diego and graduated from S.F.B. Morse High School in San Diego. Thank you, tandfman.


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          And Annegret Richter was the sprinter who won gold 4 days before.


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            Yes, she was. Thank you, J Rorick.