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    Originally posted by bambam1729 View Post
    Remember in that era there was that delay figured in to the time. Hayes 10.06 at Tokyo was listed at times as 10.05 (there were big arguments in ATFS about which was correct) and I think I remember even seeing 10.03 for it once. So different times could have been possible depending on they interpreted the finish time.
    I don't think the delay was in effect in 1958. I thought that was started in 1964. Again, from the IAAF:

    "Hayes 10.0/10.06 (electronic timing used officially for the first time with a 0.05 second delay so that Hayes’ time was recorded as 10.01. The time was taken as 10.0 using the arithmetic principal of rounding times in the range of 0.01 to 0.04 downwards (i.e. 10.04 = 10.0). The unofficial hand held watches showed 9.8 - 9.9 - 9.9)"
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      IIRC, there was a time when some auto timing systems had a delay of .05 built into the system. I don't know that anyone has ever determined which systems did that and when.