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Gabriele Grunewald Near Death [passes]


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  • Gabriele Grunewald Near Death [passes]

    Just found out this from a friend...Sad news...

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    She has not passed yet. Her husband just tweeted that she is sleeping and breathing comfortably on the couch.

    Her time is coming soon, but wait until Justin announces it.


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      Well that is embarrassing.....I thought he had..someone who I consider rather responsible had sent me an email with the news.......I found the messages all rather confusing until I found this....

      Sort of the problem these days....last year a top runner from Boulder from the 80s and 90s I knew well had apparently died...and these cryptic messages took awhile to confirm he had and only when someone came straight out and asked...

      Ps...I can't change the title...
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        I read the Letsrun quote from her husband . . . it was stunningly poignant. I hope everyone in the family finds the solace they require.


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          Rest in Peace, Gabe Grunewald (1986-2019)

          So sad to hear of the passing of Gabrielle (Gabe) Grunewald at the age of 32!

          Everyone knows how she's been an inspiration of millions of women and the entire track and field community!

          Her many battles with cancer may have finally taken her life, but will never erase our memories of this unique person!!

          My favorite memory is of her 3000 at the 2014 USATF INdoor Championships!1
          She had to wait for the outcome of a protest!

          This tenacity and confidence was as strong as her kick!

          Her times are some of the best by American women!
          But it won't be her times that we'll remember most!1

          It will be her smile, her courage, even when fighting her dread disease!!

          Condolences to her husband, family, and friends!!

          It would be wonderful if a meet or race was named in her memory!1

          She now runs with the angels!


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            Very sad news.

            RIP, Gabe.


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              Originally posted by LuckySpikes View Post
              Very sad news.

              RIP, Gabe.
              Nothing sucks like cancer!!
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                It is close but not over. I'd suggest following her husband instead of 3rd parties.
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                  Now we can say goodbye.

                  I hope she went gently and her legacy is long.


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                    See link in front page headline section.


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                      Sad news. From what I could tell, she was a class act in every way.


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                        SI's Tim Layden's Remembrance -

                        Runner's World Obituary -


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                          Today would have been her 33rd birthday.


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                            She is my hero and inspiration as I get ready to start BCG treatment. My company motto of "Don't give up" was meant for my immigration clients. Sort of has a personal meaning now.

                            My Gabe inspiration are the Asia Masters in Kuching in December


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                              Her life would make a good movie.