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  • Larabee Question

    What were Mike Larabee's 400m/440y bests in the 1950s?

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    Re: Larabee Question

    correct spelling is Larrabee. Good question for Garry as he has all the lists in front of him, but I'll look at old TFN's tonight if no response from someone else this afternoon.


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      Re: Larabee Question

      (+=440y minus 0.3)


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        Re: Larabee Question



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          Mike Larrabee

          '66 47.2 DNMF - AAU
          '67 --- DNC - AAU
          '68 48.2 DNMF - AAU


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            Larrabee's is the hardest opus to make sense of. It just seems that his 64 year is completely out of place. I scratch my head in amazement at a 30 year old school teacher getting under 45 on dirt in 1964, just unfathomable.
            ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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              Mike Larrabee

              Unfathomable indeed. My teammate in HS, Randy Julian, who won the Calif state title that year in the 440 at 47.4 as a junior, went to the AAU in '65 to run the 220 and 440 for the Striders. He got eliminated in the former race but made the semis in the latter and beat Larrabee, 47.8 to 48.1. I couldn't believe that he had beaten the Olympic champion. When I got my issue of T&FN, it stated that Larrabee had a pinched nerve in his back which explained his lack of speed. It should be noted that he went overseas in April '65 and set a new best for the indoor 400 with 46.8 (which bested Dave Mills' 47.2 for 440 on dirt in '61). Still, for many of us in SCAL who had watched Larrabee over the years - leading up to Tokyo - his '64 times took us by suprise. Talk about getting it together at the right time. At the same time, it was unfortunate that Adolph Plummer was injured at the absolute wrong time and missed out on Tokyo.


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                This article outlines a few of Mike Larrabee's injuries over the years. I believe he was prone to bouts of pancreatitis too.

                Larrabee's Career Was Fun and the Olympic Games - Los Angeles Times



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                  Randy Julian - Bolsa Grande, with red blue white unis (I think - although light blue?). Did he run post HS? If so - how do? Bolsa in pretty good neck of the woods for HS track - in '65, especially mid and longer distances


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                    Mike Larrabee

                    Randy Julian was second, I think, at the State meet in '66 in the 440 and then went to Kansas. I don't know what happened to him there but he never ran any faster. I'd sure like to talk to him again some day and find out why. Yes, at Bolsa Grande we had blue uniforms, BGHS in red and white shorts. Didn't have any middle to long distance people of any note, though. You must be confusing our school there with some other.


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                      Julian was third in 48.0, his best for that year, behind Wayne Collett (Gardena) and David Grant (Dorsey).


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                        Bolsa had a pretty decent miler (~4:10) a few years later (late 60s early 70s??) - can't remember his name but seems like he wore a hat of some kind (woolen beanie). But Westminster had a superior crew and dominated So Cal for a few years ... Dyer, Solomon and Trentadue - I guess I was referring to Orange county as a hot bed of talent - Owens, Buck - course some yrs earlier - Carr, Story (later won NCAA XC, barefoot, for Oregon St (I think), Delaney, I'm thinkin Growth but not sure time and school. But that is one of my all time track names. . Seems another Bolse Grande guy in 66 @ 440.

                        I had bros graduating about that time (64-65) so we/they sorta knew the lay of the land there (OC)... (sorta). A few years later I had teammates in college from OC and we used to talk up different counties and schools - braggin rights ya know ....thus ...,


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                          Larrabbe Question

                          The other Bolsa Grande 440 guy in '66 you mentioned was Neal Caterson. Interesting story. He was basically a punk who lived in the neighborhood. Never went out for sports until his senior year. I read in the papers that he was running times not far behind Julian and it was hard to believe. Don't know how he finished in the CIF or State but I think he went to Kansas also with Julian. Trentadue went to Westminster HS and did pretty well at USC but for the most part, my peers, if you will, from that era in OC didn't do all that much when they got into college.


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                            Caterson's best was 48.4. He was second to Julian at the Southern Section meet, but did not qualify in his heat at the State Meet. The 1969 miler was Terry Lamb, who won the SS meet with a 4:10.4 and would have probably done the same at the State Meet but was ill on the day of the finals.


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                              Originally posted by no one
                              … I guess I was referring to Orange county as a hot bed of talent - Owens, Buck - course some yrs earlier - Carr, Story (later won NCAA XC, barefoot, for Oregon St (I think), Delaney, I'm thinkin Growth but not sure time and school. But that is one of my all time track names. . …
                              Morgan Groth (not "Growth") ran for Alhambra High School, Martinez, CA, a fully owned subsidiary of NorCal, Inc., which dominated California state distance running from the late '50s to mid-'60s. He was coached by Ray Edman to a 4:10.0 true mile in 1961, which was by some standards a National HS record, but was not the fastest ever run by a schoolboy. He attended Oregon State Univ., won some national championships and competed in the 800m at the Tokyo Olympiad.