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    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who won two Olympic gold medals.

    Our birthday athlete was born on a Friday 77 years ago today and died on a Friday at the age of 72.

    This champion did not win Olympic gold in Europe or Australia and did not win Olympic gold in the hurdles.

    You might know that this champion shares the same initials as another Olympic champion who won Olympic gold about 12 years after our birthday athlete. The other Olympic champion (with same initials) competed in a similar event as our birthday person.

    Time to name our birthday champion for this last Wednesday of November.

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    Are you sure he died at the age of 72, not 73?


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      Henry Carr 200 & 4x400 in Tokyo 1964.

      The other HC would be Hasely Crawford 100 Montreal 1976.


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        Henry Carr it its, Trickstat. Nice job. Carr won the 200 in Tokyo (1964) and four days later he anchored the winning four by 400 relay in Tokyo.

        Henry Carr was born in 1942 (not 1941) and yes, he died at the age of 72.

        There are some sources that say he was born in 1941, but I've always read that he was born in 1942. The Olympic Reference page also says 1942. What say you bambam1729?
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          NY Times and Detroit Free Press obits say he was 73. Of course, they could have been wrong, too.


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            We use the Official Olympic entry lists and Official Reports as our primary source. Per the 1964 entries and Official Report he was born in 1942.