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  • Amnesty

    Happy 69th birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion who was born on a Wednesday and won Olympic gold on a Wednesday.

    Our birthday athlete was born approximately 3,429 miles (5,520 km) from the Olympic stadium where this person won that Olympic gold medal.

    This champion and the people living near that Olympic stadium speak the same language.

    I am thinking of two men and two women who share the same initials as our birthday individual.

    The two men share the same last name, but not that of our birthday athlete.

    One of the two women has the same last name as those two men.

    Two of these four people (with same initials as our birthday person) are Olympic champions and one of those two won Olympic gold in a very similar event as our birthday athlete.

    Did I tell you that one of the four is a former governor of California and another is an "accidental tourist"?

    Would I give it away if I told you that this birthday athlete also owns an Olympic silver medal in the same event?

    Time to name our birthday champion for this first Friday of December.

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    Hmm, most clues fit Guy Drut. Did he win silver in Munich?


    • #3
      The G. D. winning similar event might be Gail Devers, but I have no idea about the remaining G. D.s.


      • #4
        Happy birthday today to Guy Drut and nice job, Olli. Drut did win the Olympic silver medal in the 110 hurdles in Munich (1972) and then won Olympic gold in Montreal (1976).

        Gail Devers does share the same initials, but she is not one of the two women I mentioned in the clues. The two Olympic champions with the same initials are a man and a woman. The man won Olympic gold in a very similar event while the woman won Olympic gold in Los Angeles.


        • #5
          Gabriella Dorio?


          • #6
            Gabriella Dorio won the women's 1,500 in Los Angeles (1984). Very good, Olli. The other woman is an American as is the Olympic champion (man).


            • #7
              Glenn Davis. And the California governor was George Deukmejian.


              • #8
                And Geena Davis was the Accidental Tourist


                • #9
                  Rereading the clues, the former governor was Gray Davis (same last name as Glenn).


                  • #10
                    Very well done, J Rorick. You got Gray Davis, Glenn Davis, and Geena Davis. Nice job.