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  • Ph.D.

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who was born approximately 2,174 miles (3,500 km) from the Olympic stadium where this person won that Olympic gold medal.

    Our birthday athlete competed in one Olympics and not in the hurdles.

    This champion graduated from a school which is about one mile from the Olympic stadium where this athlete won Olympic gold.

    You might already know that this individual died at the age of 87 and was born in the same continent where this person won an Olympic gold medal.

    By today's standards, this athlete would not be an Olympic champion.

    Born 109 years ago today, our birthday athlete competed in another sport besides track & field.

    Can you name this champion on this 78th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

    Please try.

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    Duncan McNaughton - Canada high jump champion in 1932


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      Five minutes! That was quick by bambam1729.


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        Duncan McNaughton it is. Nice going, bambam1729. That was fast. McNaughton won the 1932 high jump representing Canada. Of course he went to USC (next to the Los Angeles Coliseum). McNaughton was a basketball player and was not the favorite going into the Los Angeles Olympics of 1932.


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          Rats. If I had been home I would have beat bambam to it. The factoid about the rule change made it easy.


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            I was wondering where you were, dukehjsteve.


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              The rule change made it easy and also the clue about the college close to where he won his gold medal, which meant it had to be Los Angeles in 1932.