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  • SI Sportsperson of the Year List

    Referencing thread topic in "Things Not T&F" the Track athletes who coveted this prestigious award is fading each year. Since Roger Bannister honored the cover and received the Greek amphora trophy in 1954. There have been only six total T&F athletes chosen for their athletic achievements ( 2 were selected in 1987 with another 6 athletes for humanitarian achievements.

    1st: Roger Bannister
    3rd: Bobby Morrow
    5th: Rafer Johnson
    13th: Jim Ryun
    33rd Mary Decker
    34th Edwin Moses

    It is hard to believe that T&F athletes are forgotten for the next 35 years despite of some great legends and great humanitarians. Obviously missing is Sebastian Coe and Usain Bolt.

    They both would look good in a Brooks Brothers suit on the cover as many of the athletes desire to be portrayed in the their Fashion clothes.

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    I was noticing the same. Here's the list of winners:

    Moses over Lewis in 1984 might be questionable, but at least it was T&F athlete. Chris Evert in 1976 for winning Wimbledon and the US Open? Maybe Bruce Jenner for a WR and gold medal in Montreal? Carrying that little American flag around after the 1500 ought to count for something. :-)


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      Many, many moons ago I did a "research project" on SI covers from 1955 to about 1990... it was a progressive downhill trail for the # of T&F covers....I sent a letter to the editor to T & F N about this, and they printed it.

      My final divorce from SI was 7( or 11 ) years ago, when they had an article about how well USA women had done in the 2012 ( or was it 2008 ? ) Olympics.. and THE TRACK WOMEN WERE NOT MENTIONED !!!! I called SI, and cancelled my 30 + years subscription. And I have not missed SI one bit since then.


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        I, too, am an ex-subscriber. I no longer have an interest in any other sport, and anything about T&F usually pops up in one of the web searches I do every day.


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          Originally posted by DrJay View Post
          Maybe Bruce Jenner for a WR and gold medal in Montreal? Carrying that little American flag around after the 1500 ought to count for something. :-)
          Actually in today's SJW world, that would work against him. Just as Sam Kendricks could vault 22 feet and win gold in Tokyo and still have no chance. But Jenner's current status would definitely qualify her other reasons.


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            What if the SI Sportsperson Committee used the same logic for the 1954 candidate as the 2019 candidate?
            I would predict they would have selected Babe Didriksen Zaharias as the 1954 Sportsperson of the Year because:

            1) She won the LPGA tournament 1 year after diagnosis of colon cancer and played the championship round wearing a colostomy surgery one month before tournament.
            2) She "invaded" men's PGA tournaments and survived the cut on all but one tournament,
            3)She was refused entry into the men's PGA amateur tournament because it was "only for men"
            4) only man or woman to win individual OG medals in running, jumping, and throwing events
            5) winner of two gold medals in 1932 OG
            6) Alleged to have had an "alternative" life style after her marriage broke up
            7) Was a pioneer in awakening the world on cancer and led fight to raise funds for cancer awareness which won her a Presidential recognition award

            Surely she should have been named Sportsperson of the Year in 1954

            I could go further and comment on 1956 candidate should have been Tenley Albight not Bobby Morrow. Albright took break in pre-medical school curriculum in 1956 to win OG medal. Able to return to graduate from Harvard medical school and become a surgeon on staff at Harvard. Very unusual and rare for women in 1956 to consider a medical career.

            Thank goodness the SI Selection Committee kept the criteria as representing an athletic accomplishment.

            bambam may be able to correct or add to the Babe's golf achievements.


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              Originally posted by midwestfan View Post
              bambam may be able to correct or add to the Babe's golf achievements.
              Only thing to correct I saw is that I think she remained married until her death, although apparently near the end, it was in name only, and there were rumors of a relationship with one of the other LPGA pros.


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                bambam1729, you are correct. There was no divorce between Babe and George according to a SI Vault issue: "Babe, Part Two". They were separated but not divorced and was living with LPGA Betty Dodd. They quote Babe as saying in her final words: "I am not worried about me, I am only worried about George". She separated from him mainly because of his dominance over her in trying to make money off her fame with "gigs" on TV shows and she did not want any part in his promotions.

                Still a very good pick selection for SI Sportsperson of the Year, any year.


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                  The number that coveted the award is the same. But the number that actually got it has declined