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    Happy birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion who was born 80 years ago today and went on to win four Olympic medals in three Olympic Games.

    This champion competed in four different events at those three Olympic Games on three different continents.

    Our birthday athlete was not born on any of those three continents.

    Born approximately 9,200 miles (14,807 km) from the Olympic stadium where this athlete first won Olympic gold, our birthday champion was 32 years old at the last of those three Olympics.

    Unscramble the seven letters in the title above to get a clue that could help you solve this mystery person's name.

    I know you know this birthday person so please go ahead and name our birthday athlete for this third Friday of 2020.

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    Born 1940, competed in 1964, 1968, 1972, not born in Asia, North America, or Europe. So probably an African. Kipchoge Keino won four medals and Kenya is far from Mexico. He also competed in 1500m, 5000m, 10,000m, and steeplechase, making four events. The only thing is that he didn't get a medal from Tokyo, but perhaps the clues are not stating that. So Keino is my guess. (Is Phyllis perhaps his wife or something?)


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      Happy 80th birthday today to Kip Keino and very well done, Olli. It is Kip Keino who was born in Africa and competed in the Olympics in Asia, North America, and Europe. Yes, his wife's name is Phyllis. You are also correct that the clues did not say he won a medal in Asia. Interesting to note that all of Kipchoge Keino's Olympic final events took place during September or October.