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  • Roy

    whatever happened to that roy-something guy who is the record holder in the men's 400 meters for high school with like a 44 something.....sorry about my somethings but i forgot his last name...from texas

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    Re: Roy

    you may be getting Roy Martin ( 200 rec. ) mixed up with Darrel Robinson ( 400 rec. ) Do not know about Roy, but Darrel was bit messed up some yrs. back with mental problems.


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      Re: Roy

      "mental problems..."
      Darrell ROBINSON was a great quarter-miler in
      the mid-eighties (44"45 PB in 1986).
      As a young fan, I met him at the 1986 Paris
      Jean-Bouin meeting: I remind of a very kind and
      gentle person.
      He became a pariah for the big T&f family when
      he declared in 1988 to have used drugs to try
      to enter the US 1988 Olympic team.
      He failed. And accused many athletes to have
      done the same, like Carl LEWIS and Flo Jo...
      After he stopped his athletic career, he
      couldn't find any job as a coach.
      Depressed, he tried to commit suicide.
      I just hope he is fine today...


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        Re: Roy

        I watched Robinson's high school, and later, college career as I was the high school T&F editor for the Nor'wester in the late 1970s. Robinson had significant behavior problems by the time he got to the U of Washington, and it became apparent that he was deeply disturbed. His mental illness manifested itself long before the drug accusations, which is why they were given such little credibility. He has been hospitalized many times.


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          Re: Roy

          Roy Martin was absolutely awesome in high school. Every meet we attended, the attention was around Roy getting off the school bus and watching his every move on the track or the infield. He was a true kid at heart and took his high school stardom in stride. His PB in high school was 100 (10.18) 200 (20.13) 4x4 (3:09). Can't quite remember the 4x1. Many always wanted to see him run the open 400 and he ran down a many athletes on anchor in the 4x4. He made the US Oly team as a 200 alternate (4th behind the US sweepers of that year). Roy ended up attending SMU back when they had the likes of Robinzine. He ran the 100 meters and improved to 10.12. He ran 20.13 a couple times in the 200 and was on the NCAA champs 4x4. Dropped out of school his sophomore year with baby on the way. I heard someone call me by nickname 3 years ago at the Texas Relays, looked around and almost did not recognize him. He had picked up a little weight. Okay alot. But if he is reading this it is no slight! I love you to death.