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What college can..........


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    Re: What college can..........

    Maybe we could throw David Mack on that team? Tough, tough runners though! I'm remembering them for their positives. "Shakin' the bush boss! Shakin' the bush!"


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      Re: What college can..........

      Here are a few other solid 4x4 teams


      Jason Rouser 44.2r
      Roxbert Martin 43.8r
      Danny McFarland 44.5R
      Michael Blackwood 44.1r

      Texas A&M

      Danny McCray 43.9r
      Derrick Florence 44.0r
      Howard Davis 44.0r
      Curtis Mills 44.5


      Erdesel Garrison 44.6r
      Billy Mullins 44.8
      Jerome Davis 43.7r
      Quincy Watts 43.1r

      Texas Southern

      Harold Maddox 44.6r
      Robert Taylor 44.6r
      Moses Ugbisie 44.4r
      Seymour Newman 43.8r


      Kevin Robinzine 44.2r
      Rod Jones 44.2r
      Leslie Brooks 44.9r
      Roy Martin 43.8r


      Larry Black 43.5r
      Edwin Roberts 44.8r
      Ron Ray 44.4r
      Julius Sang 43.5r


      Dennis Mitchell 44.4r
      Tyrone Kemp 43.9r
      Mark Everett 44.5
      Calvin Long 44.2r


      Ian Morris 43.8r
      Chris Phillips 44.4r
      Arthur Williams 44.6r
      Kempa Busby 44.5r

      And now the one team that just might be able to beat the Bruins-Baylor!

      Raymond Pierre 43.6r
      Raoul Howard 44.3r
      Brandon Couts 43.9r
      Michael Johnson 42.9r


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        Re: What college can..........

        Okay, now for the ancients:


        Howard Jones (47.56 400 in '33) or John Haines (world ranked #10 in '56)
        John Baxter Taylor (3xIC4A champ; undefeated 1905-1908 except for '08 OG)
        Bill Carr WR (32-36)
        Ted Meredith WR (16-28


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          Re: What college can..........

          Hey, there's a limit to what time machines can do!


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            Re: What college can..........

            Where's Lon Myers and Bernie Wefers?

            Myers held the American record in the 50,100,200,400,800 and the mile all at one time or another in his sprint career.

            Wefers ran a WR 9.8 in 1895. His 300 WR of 30.6 stood for 39 years! He has been callled the greatest sprinter of the 19th century.


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              Re: What college can..........

              seems I remember a pretty good USC sprinter/footballer that had a "slammer" problem too, but he was found "not guilty" and now plays golf ? And that team set a GOOD WR; 38.6 h,y ain't too bad !


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                Re: What college can..........

                It's not quite Tinkers to Evers to Chance, but who can forget that illustrious alliterative Surgeon lineup:

                McCullouch to Kuller to Killer to Miller


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                  Re: What college can..........

                  In Terms of countries that can beat UCLA

                  Great Britain of 1986 and 1991
                  Jamacia 1996, 1998
                  Poland 1998

                  With West Germany 1984, 1987
                  and Cuba 1987 chasing Danny Everett


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                    Re: What college can..........

                    oh man I forgot about GT they would lay the smack down on UCLA


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                      Re: What college can..........

                      No college team other than an MJ anchored Bruin team would stand chance. Remember they have no less than six Olympic quartermilers. Now add another four who all ran sub 45.0r in the 4x4.


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                        Re: What college can..........

                        >Remember they have no less than six Olympic quartermilers.<

                        In fact, they have zero Olympic quartermilers. There has never been a quarter mile in the Olympics and there probably never will be.


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                          Re: What college can..........


                          Has a QB ever actually thrown a "bomb?' Is Mike Tyson really made of "iron?" Does Jon Drummond really have a "rocket" start? Was Ervin Johnson really "magic?"

                          Is the 200 not called the "deuce?" Is a basketball really a "rock?"

                          Was she actually a "fox?"

                          Is 400 meter not a "quarter" of a mile?

                          Don't think you'd be much fun at a party.


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                            Re: What college can..........

                            but as Lord Lindsay said to Eric Liddell, " I already have my medal. EWhy doesn't Eric take my place IN THE QUARTER ? "

                            You are a nitpicker !


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                              Re: What college can..........

                              >Okay, now for the ancients:

                              Or Stanford

                              Bud Spencer (wr)
                              Ben Eastman (wr)
                              Ray Malott (46.7y)
                              Clyde Jeffrey (anchor of 3:10.5 wr mile relay team) or James Lofton (46.4)


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                                Re: What college can..........

                                >Not a challenge to the Bruin team, but a tough
                                >one that might otherwise be overlooked is Ohio

                                1) Butch Reynolds (:43.29)
                                2) Chris
                                >Nelloms (:44.3)
                                3) Andrew Pierce (:44.5)
                                >A) Robert Smith (:45.5)
                                B) Jesse Owens (?,
                                >did he ever run a 4 X 400?)

                                I'm pretty sure that Owens never did -- certainly not in 1935 or 1936 (his complete seasonal record is documented in "Track & Field Performances Through the Years, Vol 1"). In 1934 he was ineligible as he was a freshman.

                                I think that you're forgetting two other great OSU quarter-milers -- Glenn Davis and Mal Whitfield. Between them they have 2 Oly gold (relay) medals and 3 #1 rankings in the 400, and 6 Oly golds and 12 #1 rankings in all events combined.