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CARIBBEAN sprinters


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  • CARIBBEAN sprinters

    WHY are they so good? WHO are your top 5 of all time[ 100 and 200]?

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    Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

    Do not Jamaicans have to have their best 100 time listed in their passports?
    There is no avoiding "Mac" McDonald Bailey. Back in '51 he was just about the best there was.


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      Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

      Enrique Figuerola
      Lennox Miller
      Hasely Crawford
      Donald Quarrie
      Ato Boldon

      (Edit comment: In thinking of Per's reply, in which he nominated a great British sprinter, Bailey, who was born in Trinidad, I realzed that Lloyd LaBeach on my original list also wasn't fully qualified for the list, being born in and running for Panama. So, I replaced him with Crawford and his singular 100m Olympic Gold.)


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        Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters




        1.Kim Collins St.Kitts
        2.Don Quarrie Jamaica
        3.Silvio Leonard Cuba
        4.Asafa Powell Jamaica
        5.Ato Boldon Trinidad
        6.Raymond Stewart Jamaica
        7.Hasley Crawford Trinidad
        8.Lennox Miller Jamaica
        9.Enrique Figuerola Cuba
        10.Oba Thompson Barbados



        1.Dennis Johnson Jamaica
        2.E.Mcdonald Bailey Trinidad
        3.Pablo Montes Cuba
        4.Percival Spencer Jamaica
        5.Hermes Ramirez Cuba
        6.Donovan Powell Jamaica
        7.Mike Agostini Trinidad
        8.Darrel Brown Trinidad
        9.Michael Green Jamaica
        10.Lindal Frater Jamaica



        1.George Lewis Trinidad
        2.Herb McKenley Jamaica
        3.Rafael Fortun Cuba
        4.Les Laing Jamaica
        5.Tom Robinson Bahamas
        6.Jose Triana Cuba
        7.Leandro Penalver Cuba
        8.Errol Stewart Jamaica
        9.Andres Simon Cuba
        10.Edwin Roberts Trinidad



        1.Mike Agostini Trinidad
        2.Usian Bolt Jamaica
        3.Kim Collins St.Kitts
        4.Ato Boldon Trinidad
        5.Don Quarrie Jamaica
        6.Oba Thompson Barbados
        7.Edwin Roberts Trinidad
        8.Silvio Leonard Cuba
        9.Herb McKenley Jamaica
        10.Lennox Miller Jamaica


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          Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

          brutal, that's heavy duty stuff coming up with those lists, cool stuff, thanks. Are we to assume that your lane assigmnets working from the center of the track in both directions, are your seedings ?


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            Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

            I wasn't really all that interested in seedings.

            I've been a big fan of the Carib athletes going back to Trinidad's George Lewis who was running world records in the 40's. There's been more sprint talent come outta Jamaica/Trinidad than Europe and Asia combined.


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              Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

              ben johnson get to run?


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                Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                Brutal, are you sure you want to include Bolt in this august company?
                "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
                by Thomas Henry Huxley


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                  Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                  Just think if Ben,Donovan,Linford and Bruny had stayed home.......DAMN!!!!!!!

                  If Johnson had stayed in Jamaica maybe things would have been different. Of course there is also the chance he was just a 10.05 guy...mmmm?


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                    Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters


                    Not sure I get your point. Uh?


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                      Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                      Great list, Brutal, but give us your insight on the top 5 as asked for by satch.

                      Speaking of five top quality Caribbean sprinters, the real quality list is:

                      Arthur Wint
                      Herb McKenley
                      George Rhoden
                      Bert Cameron
                      Greg Haughton

                      All 400m/r, all Gold (OG/WC), all Jamaica.


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                        Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                        Top 5

                        1.Ato Boldon
                        2.Don Quarrie
                        3.Lennox Miller
                        4.Silvio Leonard
                        5.Raymond Stewart

                        You can't talk Carib 400 guys and not mention......

                        Alberto Juantorena
                        Wendell Mottley


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                          Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                          It all depends on the era you grew up. In my mind it will always be Wint, McKenley and Rhoden.


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                            Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                            satch calls it dead even between DQ and AB .


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                              Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

                              Not sure I get your point. Uh?>

                              I mean, I don't think Bolt has accomplished anything close to the rest of those guys.
                              "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
                              by Thomas Henry Huxley