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CARIBBEAN sprinters


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    Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

    Per wrote: >It all depends on the era you grew up. In my mind it will always be Wint,
    >McKenley and Rhoden.

    This thread as usual makes its own path. Satch asked about the top 5 Caribbean 100/200 sprinters. Now we're on to 400m runners (predominantly) and in that respect, Jamiaca, not counting other great Caribbean athletes such as Jauntorena, has had 5 gold medalists in OG/WChampionships run under its colors.

    The top 5 lists of 100/200 sprinters for the whole Caribbean so far only has 2 Gold winners, Crawford and Quarrie.

    Outside of the USA, Jamaica rocks in the 400m!


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      Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

      You just cannot compare eras. Brutal seems to say that he rates Oba Thompson over McDonald Bailey. How can you do that?
      Anyway the top allround sprinter must be McKenley but why was the 200 his "weak" spot?
      Another thought, Wint had to deal with Whitfield.
      In Juantorena's day there was no Whitfield.


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        Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

        this list is missing a vital person, Alleyne Francique of Grenada. What about the ladies????u missed hurdler winthrop Graham as well.

        100 & 200
        Merlene Ottey
        Juliet Cuthbert
        Grace Jackson
        Juliet Campbell
        veronica campbell
        Aleen Bailey

        110 hurdles
        Bridgitte Foster
        Delorene Ennis London

        400 hurdles
        Deon hemmings

        Lorraine Fenton Graham
        Cathy Rattray Williams
        Allison beckford

        This could be very exhaustive, I'm sure ive forgotten so many of our women.
        sprint factory of the world, no doubt.


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          Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

          I must ask you to include Asafa Powell from now because the man is about to destroy the Olympics.


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            Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

            Asafa's on the list, i also forgot to mention those bad bad bad girls from the Bahamas, Sturup and the rest. And that Richards girl needs to get it all together and come run for jamaica and not the U.S.


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              Re: CARIBBEAN sprinters

              oh, yeah, what about in the field....
              long jumper James beckford
              High jumper Germaine Mason
              the guy from Cuba...what's his name....????