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Lee Evans v Michael Johnson


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  • Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

    Hi, I'm just looking for views on a match up of Lee Evans v Michael Johnson and your dream USA All Time 400m Final.
    I would want Lee Evans to win however I could never see anybody beating Michael Johnson.
    As for a dream 400m USA Final and I acknowledge most of you have more knowledge than myself on the subject, but I'll have a go and no doubt I've left out some obvious choices.
    Michael Johnson, Lee Evans, Butch Reynolds, Antonio Pettigrew, John Smith, Jerome Young, Vince Matthews, Tyree Washington.
    Also does anybody know whether or not there are videos available of the Mexico 1968 games. On clips you see Bob Beamons jump and Tommie Smith's 200m but never Lee Evans 400m or the 4x400m relay.
    Thanks to anybody who responds.

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    Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

    I would also love to see Lee Evans against MJ in a legendary 400m match-up, but I would also have to throw Tommie Smith in there aswell. I see him as the only guy who could beat MJ in a 400 at their absolute peaks. Tommie Smith would be awesome if he had trained for and concentrated whole-heartedly on the 400m.


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      Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

      i have them both [Evans 400 and full 4 x 400 relay] and i live in the uk... do you want to email me or reply here?


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        Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson


        Thanks for reply. I've tried to e-mail you however the e-mail has been returned.

        My e-mail address is [email protected] if you want to contact me.




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          Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

          In a meet with series of races perhaps the answer is different, but for a one-off head-to-head: Tommie C. Smith.


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            Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

            I totally agree with Garry,
            Tommie SMITH would have been almost unbeatable.
            May be just MJ to be able to beat him!!!...


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              Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

              Yep to see Tommie Smith against MJ in the 1/4 mile would be a definite keeper!

              I'm guessing the winning time would be around 42.5-42.6x

              I'd say MJ takes it out hard for the first 200, then Tommie coast the final bend. Coming into the home straight MJ has a lead of around 2-3 metres over Tommie, and then the 'Tommie-Jets' are turned on, and he catches MJ...but MJ relaxes and hangs they are both neck and comes down to a photo...


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                Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

                I have video of each...I've analyzed each...

                MJ wins in 42.8..blowing away Lee Evans' 43.5 and Tommie Smith's 43.6


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                  Re: Lee Evans v Michael Johnson

                  Pettigrew, Young and Washington have no business being in this race when you could have Tommie Smith, Quincy Watts and Steve Lewis. I'd take Larrabee, or Babers, or Otis Davis, or Collett, or Larry James or Danny Everett over any of Pettigrew, Young or Washington. Oops, I almost forgot Henry Carr. Remember, Tommie Smith had to retire at the age of 23. What did Michael Johnson acomplish by that time? Its so difficult to compare athletes from different "eras", except to look at the greats and see how they did against their peers. I think if the Tommie Smith of '67 raced the 400 in '68, then the great Lee Evans would have only gotten second at Mexico City. Michael Johnson versus Tommie Smith? Only in our dreams.