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Rerunning of events?


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  • Rerunning of events?

    Inspired by the women's 100m hurdles, does anyone know if events have been rerun in the Olympics and/or major championships? (European, World or National)

    I found one that was the bases for the founding of the IAAF.

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    Re: Rerunning of events?



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      Re: Rerunning of events?

      The 1993 World Indoor women's 60 meter hurdles final was also rerun, as was the 1988 World Juniors 100 hurdles.
      Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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        Re: Rerunning of events?

        Please see that post too ... hread=8105

        A rerun was done at 100m hurdles for the 2nd semi final in Montreal 1976, after Komonova (URS) disturbed Stefanescu (ROM). The race was rerun the following day, Stefanescu qualified for the final, held only 1h15 after!

        As it happened for women's hurdles at Olympics'76, European Championships'78, World Indoors'93 (and European Championships'94 for an other reason, Donkova didn't hear the recall gun and finished the race...), i thought the final was going to be rerun too...


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          Re: Rerunning of events?

          The most famous, and I believe first, rerunning of an event was the 1908 400 meters in London. The American John Carpenter won the race, but was dq'd by the British officials. The race was rerun a couple of days later, but the Americans wouldn't participate and the winner, W. Hallswelle, UK, ran unopposed.