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the fastest run in football


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    Is there any thread left anywhere on these Boards that mentions the relative value of the US and Canadian dollars that you haven't dug up?

    (I wish I could honestly say "enjoy this while you can," and suggest that things will revert, but I fear this may well be the new normal.)


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      Re: the fastest run in football

      Originally posted by MJD
      Originally posted by tafnut
      When it reaches $.90, it's time for all Canucks to head south of the border and PAR-TAY!
      More like buy stuff. It's getting closer all the time(and I know that isn't what you meant).
      Man! You canNOT stop gloating, can you??!! :shock:
      There MUST be more threads you can resurrect to salve your ancient wounds!!

      edit - ha! tandfman thought the same thing as I was composing this!!


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        I'm not gloating. I actually just took a pretty good hit because of the drop. I can't control your reaction to however you perceive what I am doing. I just find these statements funn(ier) in hindsight. I actually couldn't really care less what happens to it. I suspect it will continue to drop though.


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          Going waaay back... 1967 (?) USC at Notre Dame: USC ALWAYS ran the student-body sweep to OJ to the short side of the field. Then, one time, McKay called for OJ to take the pitch to the wide side and he simply ran away from everyone else on the field untouched. Very very impressive display of speed.

          How could someone with so much talent and charisma go so wrong?


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            I vacillate back and forth in my assessment of NFL dash talent,...but I am presently of the opinion that Randy Moss is the most "talented" long sprinter in the NFL and would with due dedication be a top 3 US prospect in the 2 or 4.... I reserve the right to change my mind...
            Now Moss had some sprint experience but he was not trained hard so it is hard to say what we can infer.

            Are there NFL guys with NO T&F experience at all that really have that eye popping speed?
            ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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              There was really crucial FB-T&F moment a few weeks ago at the Rose Bowl in the CAL-UCLA game. UCLA had just gone up 23-21 and were kicking off with 2 minutes to go in the game...

              The kickoff was taken by Cal Freshman Jahvid Best ('07 CA state champ 100m, PB 10.36 ) who was racing down the sidelines for the winning score. UCLA senior Matt Slater ('03 CA state #2 in 100m, PB 10.62 - but hasn't run track in 4 years) was on the coverage unit. Slater had to double back and come across the field and caught Jahvid at midfield, making the game-winning play.

              It was hard to discern in absolute terms, with the angles and all, but it sure seemed that Slater was a bit faster. With UCLA's dearth of sprinting talent on the T&F team, I wonder if Slater could be persuaded to run a bit of track this Spring, seeing as how he doesn't have a realistic shot at the NFL and won't be doing Spring FB.


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                Re: the fastest run in football

                Originally posted by slowcoach

                Hey, stop trying to reconcile all the football threads into one.

                Ahman Green's 90yd TD run last night looked pretty quick. One stat amazed me: Only TWO (2) players have 2 (or more) 90yd+ TD runs in a career. Bo Jackson was the other.
                20 year old Jeremy Bloom beat Ahman Green at 100 yards by about 4 meters in FAT 9.41 on a loose track. Bloom's time is at least equal to the hand timed Superstars record of 9.2 by Joey Galloway . The nearest NFL backs to Bloom were about 2 meters back. Injuries have pretty much ended Bloom's pro career. Too bad he didn't try track which he hadn't run since highschool.
                John George


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                  Re: the fastest run in football

                  Originally posted by john george
                  20 year old Jeremy Bloom beat Ahman Green at 100 yards by about 4 meters in FAT 9.41 on a loose track.
                  Could you provide us with a link to that result? Very hard to believe it wasn't a semi-automatic time.


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                    Bo Jackson vs. Tennessee in '85. Herschel may have had better track speed. But Bo had far better football speed.


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                      Re: Bo

                      Originally posted by BillVol
                      But Bo had far better football speed.
                      What is football speed? I'm guessing the same as momentum? Or ability to change direction without losing rhythm?


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                        Re: the fastest run in football

                        Does anyone have access to a computer where they could go back and electronically time these runs and list the fastest? That would be cool!


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                          Re: the fastest run in football

                          Darrell Green chasing down Tony Dorsett during his rookie debut in 1983


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                            Re: the fastest run in football

                            The fastest player I've ever seen on a football field with a football in hand in a football situation......Rocket Ismail. His ability to go from zero to full speed in a...zooom...and then manuever without having to lose much of that full speed incredible. It was one of his kick returns for me. If we ran a football 100m he's not getting a lane....weird!