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Paul McCartney RIP


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    Re: Paul McCartney RIP

    The evil noxious weed! A Congressional investigation ought to teach those NFL Super Bowl suckers!


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      Re: Paul McCartney RIP

      > No American Beatles concert had an empty seat, period.

      Wrong. Their last live performance (not including the roof top performance in Let It Be) was at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August 29, 1966. Approximately 25,000 folks showed up, filling about one-half of the stadium.


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        Re: Paul McCartney RIP

        yeah... my own baby-boomer bias is that I liked McCartney's music but last year's costume failure and the omnipresent sex-enhancement commercials were things I could do without. Still, in the long run of history it is all a big "So what?"

        However, despite the AP headlines about a "Safe Half-time Show" the fanatical moral watchdogs of our culture can't possibly approve of the the cautious, conservative half time show lyrics included:
        "Jojo left his home in tucson, arizona
        For (or did he say "bought") some california grass...
        Sweet loretta martin thought she was a woman
        But she was another man
        All the girls around her say she’s got it coming
        But she gets it while she can"

        "What does it matter to ya...
        Ya gotta give the other fella hell...
        Live and let die"

        Whatever... Weren't there some complaints regarding the opening and closing ceremonies at the Athens Games last year?


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          Re: Paul McCartney RIP

          >The evil noxious weed! A Congressional investigation ought to teach those NFL
          >Super Bowl suckers!

          They are already investigating the commercial. The one that never got aired is here:

 ... =bpshdr001