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  • My blog

    There's a thread about my blog elsewhere.
    I stopped posting on it when GH warned me I wasn't to promote it anymore.
    But since this is "free speech weekend", I'm going to take the chance that TODAY it's okay to do so.
    (Please tell me if it's not, and I'll stop!)

    My blog is titled "Aaron K's Track and Field Record Book.
    It's URL is
    There have been 68 posts thus far, beginning December 9, 2013.
    I wrote 13 posts in December (2013), the rest this year.
    Following is a list of my posts, with their individual titles and general contents.
    (I'll have to extend this list to a 2nd, and maybe 3rd, post, because of length.)

    1. Track and Field has a Record for YOU to break--but which one?
    General intro to the blog.

    2. Symmonds, Simpson, Martinez: Records to shoot for
    All the records the 3 named could get in upcoming races.

    3. Should HS Boys throw the 16 pound SP from Day One?
    One of my rare "editorials", and the first one.

    4. The Indoor 5000--The Records and Such
    Exactly what it says. All the possible 5K records, World, Collegiate, US, and HS. Lots of detail.

    5. Millrose Women's 800 Loaded for Records.
    Based on a race that fell apart---Cain, Wilson, Goule & Hinriksdottir. A preview.

    6. NOP invades BU--Records?
    Review of possible records the NOP crew were going after.

    7. Are 55's Necessary? and other indoor questions.
    Another "editorial", but with varied subjects.

    8 & 9. Two-parter...2013's Best & Worst
    A look back to the previous year--the entire year.

    10, 11, 12 & 13. A Four-parter....2013 Athletes of the Year (4 parts were Men Indoor, Women indoor, Men Outdoor, and Women Outdoor. Picked my AOY's, then had long lists of Honorable Mentions, those who made (or advanced up on) my DDD lists (Top 24 Performers) in my 4 basic categories (World, Coll, US, and HS).

    Those were my 2013 posts.

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    Re: My blog

    14 & 15. Which Indoor Records to Fall in 2014? Another 2-part post, one for men, the 2nd for women.

    16. Track and Field Record Book Trivia Tour
    Just what it says. A few "interesting" tidbits from my Book.

    17. 2014 to be a record-breaking year?
    A look ahead at what the indoor season might produce, in terms of records. Looks at specific events.

    18. May I Introduce My Book?
    A VERY detailed intro to my 600 (est.) page T&F Record Book, which I use as my main source for my blog.

    19. The Wait is Over!
    Thinking the season was about to REALLY perk up. (Somewhat wrong!!)

    20. 2 Races, 6 Records (& 6 Moves on All-Time Lists)
    Covering in detail Cain's 1K & Rupp's 5K at BU, plus some other marks.

    21. Indoor Season shows signs of Awakening
    Several good marks reported, plus a "small" editorial rant against OT's!

    22. The Marathon
    Began with the Dubai race, but extended to cover lots of marathon stats.

    23. America's Woman Milers Go Wild!
    About the BU and NY races, where Cain & Conley ran their 4:24.s. Very detailed about ALL the fast times.

    24. In other news.....
    A general round-up of marks that made it into my Book.

    25. Where is she?
    Asking where Wesley Frazier, Natosha Rogers, and Cayla Hatton were!

    26. 3:55.17.....Unexpected & Unbelievable
    Covering Baby Baby's 1st WR in detail, and some other marks.

    27. 10 more marks worth a post
    Exactly what it says. Covered in detail.

    28. Too spectacular to wait!
    Next post was GOING to be on the Boston meet, but Genzebe's 8:16 interfered! Other marks too!

    29. Mary Cain leads Boston Record Party
    All about that 2:35.80, but a whole lot more (NOT about Mary!).

    30. Boston's a tough act to follow, but....
    A whole bunch of great marks, all reported in detail.

    31. TWO World Records...and then there's Millrose!
    Lavillenie's WR, as well as Genzebe's 2 Mile WR. And whatever happened of note in NYC!

    32. Wrapping up the week in Record fashion
    A series of great marks from various meets.

    33. Open Letter to Alberto Salazar
    Another editorial, in the form of an Open Letter to Mr Salazar (about USATF).

    34. Back to the Basics (Records & Marks)
    Just what it says. All the good marks that happened since my last post.

    35. Was that the SEC meet....or the NCAA Championships?
    All the marks from the indoor SEC meet....and so much more.

    36. Missed Marks...and Opportunities
    All the marks in the last week before the WIC.


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      Re: My blog

      37. WIC Predictions--(But No Money Bet!)
      Just what it says....about records, not medalists!

      38. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
      All about the WIC.

      39 & 40. NCAA & NBIN--Meet Record Possibles
      Predictions about MR's, for both meets.

      41 & 42. NCAA--Records, Records and the Ducks win Two! (#41) Six HSR's...and that's not all! (#42)
      Each meet covered in detail!!

      43. 2014 Indoor Season: A Look Back
      A series of "awards" given by me---AOY's, Best Performance, Meet, Event. And lots of other stuff.
      Wrapping up the Indoor season!

      44. The 2014 Outdoor Season: A Preview
      A month-by-month list of which meets would produce the best marks, late March through September!

      45. Vaulters Soar Early...and the Outdoor Q's
      The PV was THE event early on! Also a listing of my 24th best marks on my lists--what it took to make my DDD's.

      46. Texas Relays 1st Super Meet of 2014 Outdoor Season
      A wrap-up of that great meet...and more.

      47. The Future of Track and Field
      An "extra" post. Figured my 50 years involvement in T&F entitled me to state my opinions!

      48. That "Moby Dick" Moment
      Title refers to that "quiet" time before the outdoor season "breeches"!

      49. From Marathon Debuts to Ongoing Field Event Dominance
      About Bekele's, T Dibaba's & Mo's 26.2 debuts, and some good field event marks.

      50. From Miles to Meters, and Back again....I Hope!
      An editorial lambasting the 1600 & 3200.

      51. Of Ducks, Near Misses, and an OFF-Season HSR
      A variety of newsworthy marks, including Freier's latest PV record.

      52. Boston Strong...In Many Ways detail!

      53. Penn & Drake & Annie Bersagel
      Exactly what it says.

      54. A Record(s) Night at Stanford
      The Payton Jordan meet.

      55. Doha in Detail...and more!
      What it says. that first DL was GREAT!

      56. Emma WINS (and other blah stuff)!
      Emma Coburn's 1st DL win.

      57. The Youngsters Go Wild
      The Collegiate Conferences.


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        Re: My blog

        And the last 11. Had to do this in separate posts because of space limits.

        58. World Relays Predictions and Guide
        A complete preview, with all kinds of records and marks.

        59. World Relays a PASS-able Meet
        Bad pun, but a complete wrap-up of this fantastic meet!

        60.This Pre's a Classic
        All about that meet.

        61. Odds and Ends
        What didn't fit in my Pre post.

        62. Rome Diamond Meet more like Copper
        That DL bombed, marks & records-wise!

        63. NCAA--Which Meet Records might fall?
        My predictions...for records, not medalists!

        64. NCAA: Upsets and New Faces
        The meet in detail.

        65. High (Jumps & Lows) of the Diamond League.
        Another pun title! The HJ becomes THE event. And other good marks.

        66. Teens impress in NY...and NC (the NBN)
        Those "Dream" races, and the Outdoor NBN, in detail.

        67. From 16 to 39, Some Re-MARK-able Stuff
        About age records. But in reference to recent marks.

        68. USATF--Some HOT Stuff
        The meet, in detail.

        And that's far!!
        Next post will immediately follow the Paris DL, and will also include stuff from Lausanne.


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          Re: My blog

          Let me say this....

          My blog is NOT for profit.
          In fact, I don't intend to EVER charge anything to read my blog!
          I'm doing it for love of the subject, and because after 40 years of doing my Book, I felt it was time to share it with the "public".

          My Book differs in a few ways from T&FN's lists.

          1. I completely separate indoors and outdoors. No "comprehensive" or "absolute" lists.

          2. I totally reject ALL 1600 & 3200 marks, including times converted from those marks.

          3. I totally reject ALL Oversize Track marks.

          4. My DDD's (Double Dandy Dozen--24 Top Performers) go 24 deep, not 10 or whatever.

          Also, contrary to what you're used to on this Message Board....and have criticized me vociferously & often for!!......Mary Cain is NOT given any more space than she deserves....and sometimes none at all!! :wink:

          I hope you'll at least LOOK at my blog.
          If you like it....or even if you don't.....leave a comment below the posts.

          I'm VERY biased, but I believe I have a totally unique blog.
          It's core is records and marks.
          I don't focus on who wins or medalists.
          Marks and Records only!!

          Yes, I "opinionate" here and there, but even there, it's all, or mainly, about records and marks.

          Because I'm not trying to make money, I'm hoping Garry (GH) will put my blog posts up in the news briefs column, along with stuff from House of Run and other blogs.

          But I'll survive if he doesn't!


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            Re: My blog

            A core feature of each post (the ones that include records & marks, that is......which means about 99% of them!!) is a listing of all the athletes whose mark moves them either ONTO my Top 24 lists, or moves them UP the list.

            Thus far this OUTdoor season, I've counted 259 athletes with marks from 2014 on my lists (as of PRIOR TO the Lausanne meet!).
            By season's end, the total should be well over 300, maybe close to 400.

            It's interesting that the women far outdistance the men in this.
            They lead 174 to 85, more than a 2-to-1 margin!!

            These totals include every event on 4 different lists, World, US, Collegiate, and HS.

            When an athlete is new to my lists, he/she will move someone OFF the list.
            Recently, a HS Hammer Thrower made my list.
            So my 24th place guy was moved OFF the list!

            Well, that guy just happened to be Alvin Jackson, with his 227-8 from.....1972!
            Jackson's mark then was the HSR!!

            While I realize that 24 is an arbitrary number, it's been constant in my Book for four decades, so has a bit of at least personal history.

            It makes a mark that much more interesting when this happens, and that's why I make note of such things in my blog.


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              I'm re-opening THIS thread again, since I wasn't instructed (ordered!) not to.
              I know GH doesn't want me to promote my blog elsewhere, but this is "Free Speech" weekend, so I'll do so here....unless I'm told to stop.

              I left off detailing my posts at Number 68.
              Since then, I've posted 92 more times, for a total of 160.
              Here's the list for posts 69 through 160, with the post's title and a brief description of its contents.

              69. Paris beats Lausanne in DL Series
              Marks from Paris were better, but I cover both.

              70. High Schoolers Shine at USATF Juniors
              The 2014 meet, in detail.

              71. Emma clears final barrier to AR (& Fast US Miles)
              Her 9:11.42, plus several fast Miles by US Women around the world.

              72. Monaco DL: Ohhh Myyyy!
              Quite a meet! All the Records & Top 24 Marks (World, US, Collegiate, HS) are noted.

              73 & 74. World Junior Championships Meet Record Predictions--Men & Women
              Separate posts for each gender. I predict only MR's, not winners or medalists.

              75. WJC: Dramatic Records & Record Drama
              The entire meet detailed (all its Records and Great Marks).

              76. 10 Meet Records at Commonwealth Games
              Again, all the Records are detailed here, plus other good marks.

              77. Records--And why I've compiled a Book of them!
              Another explanation of my Book, and why I've spent over 40 years doing this.

              78. The Euros--Yawn!

              79. Two Mile Run--Records, History, Marks, Trivia
              All about the Two Mile races--especially the Women's--at the Birmingham meet.

              80. Weltklasse 2014 (and other things)
              Again, I dissect a Major meet!

              81. Two Meets: a WR in Berlin, big final DL in Brussels
              The ISTAF and Van Damme meets, detailed.

              82. Outdoors done--Indoors coming
              The season's almost done, but I continue to provide all the Records & Marks.

              83. 2014 OUTdoor Season--High School
              The HS season basically ends on August 31st, so I selected my AOY's etc.

              84. WR in Berlin!! 2014 Outdoor Season--Collegiate
              Same as with the HS season, though the Collegiate season ended in June at the NCAA's. AOY's, plus other awards. Kimetto's 2:02:57.

              I'll end this post here, because of length.
              Continued in next post.
              Last edited by aaronk; 07-03-2015, 09:57 PM.


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                85. In the interim--Part 1
                The Chicago Marathon, but the beginning of a quiet time for my blog. (I don't do much with XC.)

                86. Ins and Outs of Track and Field
                Basically a reasoning of why I completely separate the INdoor from the OUTdoor season.

                87. Battles of the Ages
                The NYC Marathon.

                88 & 89. 2015 INDOOR T&F Preview: AGE Records (Parts 1 & 2)
                I name MANY athletes who might break Individual Year Age Records--17-40--INdoors in 2015. I go year by year! (Age by Age!)

                90. NCAA XC, Class Records, 3 WR Attempts
                Most interesting part of this post is my listing all the Class Records for the 4 years of HS. Those "WR Attempts" later mostly failed! But I preview them here.

                91. Collegiate Indoor Class Records.
                I do the same here for Collegiates as I did for HS'ers--list ALL the Class Records for INdoors.

                92. What you need to do to make Top 24's
                The MINIMUM marks needed to make my DDD lists (Double Dandy Dozen, or Top 24 Performers lists). I list these for World, US, Collegiate, and HS.

                93. December Bombshell 5000 (& NXN)
                That fast Women's 5000 last December!

                94. The First Year--A Retrospective
                Basically what I'm doing here, except just for the period from my first post on December 9, 2013 through that date a year later. But instead of listing ALL my posts, I list only my personal favorites.

                95. Footlocker, More Marks, and Those Damn Orgs
                Can't remember offhand what "Those Damn Orgs" was about, but probably ranting against them!!

                96. Does Bronxville HS miss Mary Cain?
                I focus on the school's CURRENT female stars, basically saying it's nice to follow Mary, but we don't really need her! We're a good team!

                97. 2015 INdoors sees premature birth
                Looking at the fast start to last INdoor season.

                98. Morality of T&F Message Boards
                This looks closely at the T&FN and Let's Run MB's, in particular. This SHOULD be discussed NOW!

                99. Best and Worst of Track and Field 2014
                I did this in 2013 (in 2 parts!) also.

                100. World and US Athletes of the Year--Outdoors
                I did this earlier for the Collegiate and HS. Here, it's the World's and US's turn. I tell WHY I picked who I picked! Final post of 2014--87 that year, with 13 from December 2013, total of 100.

                101. Sorting through the muck
                About Rita Jeptoo's drug bust, and its affect on Records & Marks.

                102. Pole Vault is High Flying
                Shawn Barber's early 19-3, plus the initial leap toward stardom for Demi Payne.

                103. Some MAJOR Announcements
                Again, can't recall exactly what this one's about, but probably announced entries into meets for some BIG names---and possible Records from them!

                104 & 105. 2015 INdoor Records Predictions--Men & Women
                Separate posts for each gender. Which Records might be broken.

                I'll close here---and continue in the next post.
                Last edited by aaronk; 07-03-2015, 10:02 PM.


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                  106. Quiet Time
                  Not much happens in the first 12 days of January.

                  107. Go Pro, or No?
                  About Kaylin Whitney's move toward turning Pro.

                  108. On OT's (and other things)
                  My seemingly semi-annual rant against Oversize Tracks.

                  109. Pole Vault Rules Over Fast-Starting 2015
                  Things have picked up, with the PV leading the way.

                  110. Are these the Best lists?
                  Another self-promotion! I tell why MY lists are the best!

                  111. Is it REALLY only January?
                  Explosion of great Records & Marks---and it's only January 25th!!

                  112. Armory Invite brings WR (and that ain't all!)
                  That meet, detailed.

                  113. Mid-Week Update
                  Can't remember exactly, but probably had left-over stuff from the previous weekend.

                  114. What Is Isn't, or Is It?
                  The controversies surrounding USATF.

                  115. Boston Strongest, but so much more!
                  The Boston INdoor meet.

                  116. Polling My Readers.
                  A short Poll I asked my millions of readers (That's a JOKE!) to reply to. One person did!

                  117. Collegiates & Pro's Rule Busy Weekend
                  Dated February 14th, so dealing with that week's action.

                  118. Some new, Some old
                  A collection of new marks, and some I left out of earlier posts.

                  119. Two WR's (and TONS more)!
                  Genzebe's 5K WR and Mo's 2 Mile WR.

                  120. Now it's HS's turn!
                  Lexi Weeks's PV HSR.

                  121. 3 Collegiate Records on Conference Weekend
                  Just what it says. SEC, and all the biggies.

                  122. AR highlight of Atypical USATF
                  The unusual slate of events--and their results--at USATF.

                  123. KJT channels JJK at Euros
                  That 5000 point Hept, plus all the other Records & Marks from the Euro Champs.

                  124. No Posts
                  Just a brief announcement that I'd gotten food poisoning, and wouldn't be doing my normal posts for awhile.

                  125. NCAA--Big Records among the shocks
                  A belated post--dated March 25th!---but better late than never.

                  126. NBIN makes its Mark(s) again!
                  Same as with my NCAA report---both done belatedly, on March 25th.

                  127. 2015 INDOORS--The Season in Total
                  A complete wrap-up of 2015 INdoors, including my AOY picks.

                  128. "New" names mark transition to OUTdoors
                  Texas Relays, plus other early OUTdoor news.

                  129. Record Predictions--2015 OUTdoors
                  Done on April 3rd, so a bit late. The food poisoning!

                  130. An April Shower of Solid marks
                  Always try to create good titles!

                  131. Events of the Decade
                  I count the number of marks on my Top 24 lists that are dated from 2010 on.

                  132. CR Vault (What else?) trumps Bolt
                  The continuation of the Year of the Vault even outshines Mr Bolt!

                  133. Just a few Observations
                  My opinions on a few things in our sport.

                  I'll do the final 28 posts in the next post.


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                    How can we access your record book
                    Bolt's last year...and my last year as a track fan, it's been fun


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                      134. A Record-Breaking (& Rust-Busting) Weekend
                      Mt SAC Relays, plus Clermont.

                      135. Meb 8th place!
                      My Boston Marathon report.

                      136. Payne loses, but gets CR
                      Drake Relays, and more on the Year of the Vault.

                      137. Stanford is all about DISTANCE
                      The Payton Jordan meet previewed.

                      138. The USA & Jamaica "World" Relays Preview
                      The 2 nations were predicted to win most, if not all, of the events, thus the title!

                      139. The Good (and Bad) of Payton Jordan
                      My full report.

                      140. World Relays--It had Everything
                      The meet, in detail.

                      141. Ultimates in Distance Relays
                      My look at what's possible in the 4X800, 4X1500, 4XMile, & DMR.

                      142. Calm before the storm? Really??
                      My pre-Doha DL post.

                      143. Super Weekend: Doha and CR (Part 1)
                      My complete Doha report, and more.

                      144. Shanghai fizzles--Collegiates sizzle
                      Some of my blog's fans complimented me on the title! But it described that time perfectly!

                      145. A short report
                      Not much to report in the days before the Collegiate Regionals.

                      146. That Bronxville Girl
                      My take on Mary Cain's bad OUTdoor season, up through May 27th.

                      147. Pre Classic Preview.
                      Exactly what it says.

                      148. High Schoolers move Pre to the Top!
                      I thought the best race at Pre was the Women's HS Mile on Friday night! But I detail the entire meet!

                      149. And in other news....!
                      What I couldn't fit into my last post. Too much Pre stuff to fit it all!

                      150. NOP news lessens impact of Records & Marks
                      My initial reaction to NOP's current crisis.

                      151 & 152. 2015 OUTDOOR NCAA Preview--Men & Women
                      One for each gender. I go event by event!

                      153. NCAA--Collegians Rip Apart the Record Book
                      My complete report on a FANTASTIC meet!

                      154. HSR closes out BUSY week!
                      More great Records & Marks.

                      155. The Legacy of Ron Clarke
                      One of my personal favorites (of my 160 posts). And my readers liked it too! Still among my most read posts. A complete tribute to the 60's Greatest athlete.

                      156. High School kids go INSANE!
                      The NBN.

                      157 & 158. USATF Preview (Seniors & Juniors)--Men & Women
                      Again, one for each gender.

                      159. Hayward crowds love the Juniors
                      The USATF Junior Championships.

                      160. PG-Rated USATF--Includes mild shocks
                      Another of my inventive titles. The Senior meet, in detail.

                      And that's a wrap....until Number 161 is posted!

                      My blog's overall name is "Aaron K's Track and Field Record Book".
                      It's published through Google Blogger.
                      The URL is...

                      I hope you'll take some time and check it out.
                      There's tons of great records and marks, meet reports, and a limited number of opinion pieces.

                      It's a unique blog, IMO.
                      While others are GREAT---House of Run, Daily Relay, MileSplit, Let's Run, Flotrack, AND of course, T&FN website---mine is different.
                      Check it out!
                      I think you'll like it.

                      I wish GH would post my blogs to the "Day's Best Reading" or "News Briefs" sections.
                      I think it deserves to be there!
                      Last edited by aaronk; 07-03-2015, 10:12 PM.


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                        Originally posted by spammer View Post
                        How can we access your record book
                        I put the URL in my last post here.
                        (Also in a post from last year!)

                        You can also type in its name---Aaron K's Track and field Record Book.
                        Or go to my Twitter page. The link is in my Twitter bio, below my photo.

                        But here it is again....



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                          I hope some of you will take some time and read 1 or 2 (or as many as you want!) of my 160 posts.

                          Those who "know" me from this MB might be surprised by how I come across on my blog.

                          While I do have a few opinionated posts----and those I usually call "extra" posts!---my main focus is on listing ALL the Records broken during a meet, or during a Season, or Year!
                          These include:
                          National Records (US included)
                          Meet Records
                          Collegiate Records
                          Class Records (from 9th Grade through Senior year of College)
                          Individual Year Age Records (instead of "Junior", "Masters" etc)
                          Place Records

                          Another main focus are my DDD lists (Top 24 Performers) in my 4 core categories of World, US, Collegiate, and HS.

                          I not only list EVERY mark that makes one of my lists, but also some that come close to making it.
                          Another feature is that I'll often name those who are forced OFF my lists----especially when they're BIG names from the past!

                          I also have a Combined Events section---for example, the fastest combined 1500 & 5000 runners, or combined 100 & 200 runner.
                          I don't use a points system for this. I just add the times!!

                          So please check it out.
                          I can't imagine a true records & marks geek who wouldn't enjoy my blog!


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                            Originally posted by aaronk View Post
                            Let me say this....
                            My blog is NOT for profit.
                            In fact, I don't intend to EVER charge anything to read my blog!
                            I'm doing it for love of the subject, and because after 40 years of doing my Book, I felt it was time to share it with the "public".
                            I am sure members will appreciate access to view your data

                            Originally posted by aaronk View Post
                            I hope you'll at least LOOK at my blog.
                            If you like it....or even if you don't.....leave a comment below the posts.
                            I have looked - I enjoyed your observations - and I did note your lack of orgasmic commentary on MC and that you restricted yourself to factual observations

                            Originally posted by aaronk View Post
                            I'm VERY biased, but I believe I have a totally unique blog.
                            It's core is records and marks.
                            I don't focus on who wins or medalists.
                            Marks and Records only!!

                            Yes, I "opinionate" here and there, but even there, it's all, or mainly, about records and marks.
                            I doubt anyone would disagree with your self observation - but then most of us are pretty opinionated and pretty biased in those opinions - nothing like being an arm chair commentator while sipping on a good Pinot Noir


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                              Thanks, Tuariki!

                              My blog is nearing 15,000 "views".
                              "Google Blogger" provides a daily count, and even tells which posts are being viewed by how many.

                              Don't know if you saw any of the MANY comments left by "Marco", but he has praised my blog to high heaven!

                              Would love it if you left a comment there---on any of the posts.
                              Not fishing for praise.
                              But if you read Marco's comments, you'll see we discuss things I post about, not the blog itself.

                              I LOVE doing it.
                              So, however many do (or don't!) read my blog, I intend to continue doing it as long as I'm still breathing.

                              Next post will be about the Paris DL.
                              (Plus other stuff happening since my last post.)
                              Should be posted within 2-3 hours after the end of the meet.

                              BTW, on that last point, my blog is maybe the FASTEST in getting important results posted.
                              Faster than eTN!