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Middle School friends reunion---in Court!


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  • Middle School friends reunion---in Court!

    This might be better placed in "Things Not T&F".

    Have you seen the story on Yahoo News page about a black guy, aged 49, charged with robbery and other lesser offences?

    He comes to court, and the Judge, a white woman---apparently the same age--recognizes him as her best friend from Middle School...a friend she used to play football with!!

    She asks him...."Did you attend "X School"?
    He says "Oh Noooo!!", laughs, then covers his face and starts crying.

    She tells the Court about their relationship---in positive ways---then wishes him luck, and says she hopes he finds a better path through life in the future (paraphrased).

    She sets bail at something like $45,000---although I think this might have happened in Great Britain, as the bail amount is also given in Pounds!

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    It happened in Florida---possibly Miami.
    If you type "judge meets middle school friend in court", you'll come to it.
    It even has a short newscast video of it.

    That would be sooooooo weird!!!


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      Originally posted by aaronk View Post
      That would be sooooooo weird!!!
      Oh dear, that's not the weird part . . . [whistling and strolling away]