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Michael Savage on slaughterhouses


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  • Michael Savage on slaughterhouses

    I remember when I was a kid, when I was with my brother and mother in the car and would drive by a field of cows, one of us would say, "Hi, cows!" And one of us would start moooing or acting the fool. It relieved me somewhat to learn that a lot of people have fun at the expense of cows like we did because my wife does the same thing. Gary Larson had cows as frequent subject matter in his comics.

    The other day when we drove by some cows, I asked my wife, "I wonder if they have any intelligence. They seem dumb AF." So I looked it up, and it turns out that cows do have some intelligence, surprisingly. They have little groups and they get their feelings hurt if a bully cow pushes it around. Go figure.

    Yesterday, I heard Michael Savage talking about his support of animal rights. He talked about seeing cows at a slaughterhouse, I think in another country. He said that as cows were being led to slaughter, they knew what was happening. They would defecate out of fear. They would turn around to other cows and cry. I don't know if this is true or not, but it was sad to hear. You can hear his comments on his experience at a slaughterhouse at 1:04:10 mark. Or you can go to my response under the video and click on the time and it will go there immediately.

    I've always wondered about slaughtering of animals. I asked on a UT board one time, "If you had to slaughter an animal in order to eat meat, would you do it?" Many of the people responding said they would. One tough guy said that you should have to slaughter the animal yourself in order to eat meat. Well, I'm not that tough. I'm a meat eater, but I could never slaughter an animal.

    I read that in the U.S., cows are supposed to be stunned first before they are cut and bled to death. However, this is not allowed if your meat is kosher. Under those guidelines, the animal must be alive when it is cut. So when you are eating a Nathan's hot dog, know that the cow was wide awake when it had its carotid artery cut.

    Learning about this made me think differently about deer hunting and deer meat. I don't mind deer hunting even though I don't do it, and I don't eat deer meat. But they way deer are killed (if done by a clean shot to the head) is sure a lot more humane than they way a cow is killed.

    Hearing Savage's comments is really making me think. I told my wife about them, and she was really upset to hear this. She said no more beef or pork for her. We both figured that chickens and fish really are dumb AF, so no harm in eating them. I'm not swearing off beef or pork, but I'm thinking about it. I would sure miss a great steak or burger and my Benton's bacon and country ham.

    I was talking to a vegetarian and said I need to do that because I've never seen any fat vegetarians. She said, "Well, there are some. You can still eat candy."

    OK, the issue I'm throwing out to the board is multiple: Thoughts on slaughtering of animals, thoughts of going vegetarian, thoughts of not eating certain animals. Or what kind of steak is your favorite?

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    My grandmother raised chickens and would slaughter them. But she was raised in that life. I was raised by slaughtering the plastic wrap. My guess is you do what you have to do.

    I'm less concerned with their death as I am with they're life, as that affects my health and the quality of the animal. We need to do a better job regulating the life of animals we eat.


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      My grandparents had about 200 head of cattle while I was growing up. Once in a while, a calf would be born too close to a fire ant mound, the ants would get on it and basically eat out its eyes so it was blind. The grand kids would bottle feed the blind calves until "that day". I remember one my sister named George.

      One day, we were eating lunch and my grandmother yelled from the kitchen, "How are those George Burgers?" I still remember the sick feeling. However, I got over that in about a minute and finished my lunch.

      I agree with booond, quality of life is more important than why they died.


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        My students and I have discussed this on numerous occasions. I believe it is the most hypocritical thing I (we?) do. If I had to kill, skin, gut and strip a cow carcass, I would never eat beef again.
        I'm perfectly fine with hunters who do that, but the rest of us should be ashamed of ourselves.

        Said the guy who LOVES beef and wears leather (ewww - I have dead animals, who never did anything to me, covering me!).


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          Originally posted by dukehjsteve
          This Forum has hit ROCK BOTTOM when Michael Savage becames a part of it.
          Come on, Steve. Taking all the politics out of it. Let's try not to hijack the thread or gh may put it in July 4.

          I've really enjoyed the other posts. Quality of life. And you do what you have to do.


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            Weiner(this fraud's real name) has said some of the most abhorrent repulsive divisive things imaginable(Google this sick bastard)

            Truly on my pay no mind list.


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              Beebee has it 100 % right. But I deleted to keep you happy, BillVol.
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                Top of the food chain is top of the food chain.


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                  Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
                  Top of the food chain is top of the food chain.
                  'Might makes right' has had its problems history-wise. Because we CAN kill things doesn't always mean we should. I'm guessing if someone found your daughter's new kitten in their yard, killed it, put it on a spit and invited you over for barbecue, you might be upset.
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                    Originally posted by Atticus View Post
                    'Might makes right' has had its problems history-wise.
                    Put your stomach where your mouth is, Big A


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                      Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
                      Put your stomach where your mouth is, Big A
                      Oh, I already admitted my gross hypocrisy earlier. There's very few things I eat, beef being one of the few. If I could enjoy a vegan life-style, I'd try to quash my cognitive dissonance on this subject, but it's way too late for that.
                      At least I face my hypocrisy, pathetic as it is.


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                        Steve is right. Nature has a natural food chain, with occasional reversals of order given the opportunity. Our humanoid ancestors, out of necessity, ate anything that did not eat them first.

                        I am a rabid carnivore but, except for chasing down jackrabbits as a kid, do not hunt, have never killed a wild animal and do not understand hunting or big game trophy collecting for "pleasure."

                        Back on the farm in early 20th century, we butchered hogs every fall/winter without qualm or malice aforethought and preserved the meat by salting and hanging it in a "smokehouse."

                        Cattle were slaughtered off farm and, since we did not have electricity/refrigeration in rural Kiowa County until 1947, stored in a commercial locker in town, retrieved periodically and stored in an "icebox" until consumed. Chicken's necks were wrung, as needed, without compunction.

                        Bullfighting strikes me as abhorrent, even though the meat is salvaged for human consumption.

                        Lest I be thought a complete Milquetoast, I fervently favor capital punishment for deserving humans.
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                          BillyVol. Not that it matters much, but Nathan's Hot Dogs aren't kosher.


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                            Originally posted by lonewolf View Post
                            Lest I be thought a complete Milquetoast
                            Present! [except for that tiny caveat of 20 years of military service]


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                              Originally posted by KDFINE View Post
                              BillyVol. Not that it matters much, but Nathan's Hot Dogs aren't kosher.
                              OK, Hebrew National then.