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  • Aaron K's Track & Field Record Book (My Blog)

    I can't access old threads from this forum!
    (I tried!)
    But I remember we didn't have this Forum open last year!
    So I left off describing my blog posts at Number 160---at the end of June 2015.
    Following are ALL the ones I've posted since then!
    There's over 220 more, so this will be done over several posts, due to length!
    For each, I'll give the overall Post Number, its title, and a brief description of what it contains!

    Message to Garry Hill & T&FN--
    I believe my Blog would be perfect to have on your front page!
    Each contains major results from all the meets since the last post, plus occasional commentaries!
    It's FREE!

    161. Happy July 4th (In Paris??)
    Val Adams streak ends & Jager falls! Lexi Weeks gets HSR!
    162. Are Records always Records?
    An opinion piece on why a Record isn't always a Record--unless it's on my Blog! LOL
    163. GENZEBE!! DL Field Day
    Her 3:54.11. So excited about it, but unknown then what was to come!!
    164. Opinions on T&F History & Culture, Part 1
    Wanted to do one post, but got too long! This part asks who's better, Viren or Farah! Also looks at Top HS PRO's, rating them! And my (then) list of AOY picks!
    165. Opinions on T&F History & Culture, Part 2
    This one has lists (& reviews, synopses) of T&F Books (Historical/Statistical, Bios/Memoirs, & Novels), and Movies (Ones I have the DVD of!).
    166. Simply the Finest--Monaco DL
    Genzebe's 3:50.07--in detail! Also the rest of Monaco's results!
    167. Away from Monaco....!
    Monaco's results took too much space, so gave all the rest of my results in this post!
    168. Meet Records--Pan Am's 14, London 4
    Comparing 1 DL to an every-4th year Regional isn't fair--but I do it anyway!
    169. Corrections & Additions
    Yes, even I make mistakes! LOL However, this post was due to a HUGE chunk of my post getting ERASED (My error!), so had to start over!!
    170. Have DL's Ruined T&F Summers?
    After a lousy Stockholm DL, I "opine" on why the system needs to change! But I offer DETAILED history of all the DL's, their MR's, etc!
    171. WR, HSR, MR's--Who needs DL's?
    Wlodarczyk & Vashti Cunningham--and more!
    172. WC almost here! News & Views
    Final marks leading up to Beijing! Preview of what my Blog has planned for the WC!
    173 through 184. Instead of titling each one, just let me tell you ALL of these were on the Beijing WC!
    Began with a full schedule, then FOUR in-depth Previews (2 for each gender), giving names,the WR & MR, in order of Finals!
    Then came detailed accounts of the meet, divided into 3-day sections, with Heats, semis, Finals, Qualifying Rounds all included!! SIX of these!!
    Then I did my "Best & Worst of.." post--both serious & fun stuff! TOTAL coverage!
    185. Track to Roads Transition--An Early Start
    Not much on Zurich--affected by bad weather! Some "last" track marks!
    186. Van Damme Women's MILE--a Preview
    Just what it says--about possible Age, National & Place records!
    187. Irony Defines Brussels Mile
    What actually happened! Plus the rest of the meet!
    188. It's THAT time of year!
    More of "last" T&F marks, plus some XC stuff!
    189 & 190. My HS and Collegiate Wrap-Ups, including my picks for AOY's and Honorable Mentions---and WHY!!
    191. No WR this year in Berlin
    The Berlin 26.2, plus--12 year old Grace Ping WINS against older girls!
    192. Why I (Mostly) Ignore XC
    I explain.
    193. Huddle's FAST in SLOW months
    Her string of Road wins begins! Also about a massive redoing of my Record Book!
    194. Rivalry--A Good Thing
    Give lots of key rivalries in ALL the events, M&W!! Also XC stuff.
    195. NYC, XC & Teen Pro's
    Report on the race, etc. Last part mostly on Cain & Hadley!
    196. Complete Event Schedule--INdoor T&F, Roads, XC
    Just what it says. Goes through 2016 INdoor WC's!
    197. XC & Roads near Finish Line
    XC Regionals results!
    198. Indoor Class Records
    This includes all the HS Class Records for INdoors! (I completely separate the Seasons!)
    199. Collegiate INdoor Class Records
    Same for the College crowd!
    200. NCAA XC & 1st INdoor Results
    In-depth NCAA report! Plus an OUTdoor NR by Eliza McCartney & early INdoor marks!
    201 & 202. INdoor AGE Records--Parts 1 & 2
    First part has Ages 40 through 30, with long list of names & what they need to get an Individual Year Age Record. Second part continues--from Age 29 through 17!
    203. A News Filler Extra
    Both INdoor & OUTdoor results & news items!
    204. It's Only December--Really!!
    NXN, Sacto's Track 10K & more!
    205 & 206. INdoor Record Predictions--Men & Women
    Tell which Records might fall--and which won't! Also WHO might break them! World, US, Collegiate & HS!
    207. Roads & XC Rule Week
    Footlocker, USATF Club & more!
    208. The Mile in a Metric World
    Another of my "commentaries"!
    209. Standards of Excellence (& a STUNNER!)
    Are Women's "Standards of Excellence" less important than Men's? I answer that question, and give those Standards!! Stunner is Alyssa Wilson's 54-5 opener!
    210. A Christmas Feast of News & Views
    Mostly a listing of my 24th Best Performer on my Top 24 lists! Gives athletes notice of what's needed to make each list---World, US, Collegiate & HS--M&W!
    211. Best & Worst of 2015
    Loved doing these! Lots of offerings, serious & humorous!
    212. World & US Athletes of the Year--OUTdoors
    Same as I did with the Collegiates & HS'ers!!

    Continued in next post!

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    The previous post included all of the previously unreported 2015 posts!
    This one begins with my January 1, 2016 post!

    213. My New Year's Wish List
    Just what I WISHED would happen in 2016! (How much of it DID happen??)
    214. Two HS Class Records (& a Book Review)
    Book Review was for World's Greatest in Athletics--and LOTS of stuff from the book is given!!
    215. Faster Week, Slower Mo
    Yep, Sir Mo LOST in Edinburgh!! Mondo destroys Class Record!
    216. Pole Vault Special--2016 INdoors
    Beginning of "duel" between Morris & Payne that led to current book--18 Months Raising the Bar!! This is one of my more popular posts!!
    217. A Wild Weekend
    Same weekend as the PV news, so needed another post!
    218. Prepping for final 8 weeks
    Houston Half, Dubai & INdoor results leading to WC's!
    219. Thoughts & Questions
    Seems I do LOTS of these opinion pieces--but I really don't! LOL
    220. WR, HSR lead Incredible Weekend
    Jenn Suhr's 16-6 & Drew Hunter's sub-8:00 3K! Lots more too!
    221. February First Feast
    Miscellaneous stuff, including birth of Carrie Tollefson's 3rd child! Updated INdoor schedule for rest of season!
    222. Record-Smashing Weekend
    FOUR High School Records broken---and more!!
    223 & 224. These are my OT Marathon Trials Preview & Race Report! Preview has 44 year history of OT Marathon races!! Race Report is---IMHO--one of my best!! Dramatic recount!
    225. Season Building Speed
    Raven Saunders's CR! Also the Boston meet!!
    226. Stockholm's WR Party
    Haroun, Souleiman & Genzebe! And of course MORE!!
    227. Millrose Distances rewrite Lists
    Another of those meets that are SO good, it needs TWO posts to describe in full!!
    228. Much more than More Millrose
    Title explains itself! Rest of Millrose, plus all the rest of the weekend!
    229. Explaining This Blog
    For any new readers, I go over my "rules & regs" for the blog!
    230. Conferences heat Collegiate pot
    All the NCAA Conference results--with a small "rant" against holding Major Conference meets on OT's!
    231. Championship Weekend Next
    Some results, but mainly a list of what the blog plans for Championship meet coverage!
    232 through 237. These are my SIX Preview posts---2 each (1 for each gender!) for the NBIN, NCAA, and USATF! In-depth, centered on which Meet Records might fall!
    238. Verticals Save WC Trials
    My report on USATF meet! NOT very good, IMO!
    239. NCAA--MULTIple Marvels
    Great Pent (Williams's CR!) lead NCAA meet's results! Complete coverage!
    240 & 241. NBIN--Men & Women
    Meet was so great, it again needed TWO posts to recount all of it!! So many Records broken!!
    242 & 243. My WC Preview posts--Men & Women!
    I again focus on the MR's, and which ones might fall!
    244. WC 2016--the Verdict
    My detailed report on the BIG meet of the INdoor season!!
    245. 2016 INdoors--Season Review
    My picks (& WHY!) for AOY, POY, Event of the Year & Personality of the Year--all 4 core groups, M&W (World, US, Collegiate, HS).
    246. Best & Worst--2016 INdoors
    Another of my B&W posts!!
    247 through 249. My OUTdoor Previews! First is mostly a lengthy OUTdoor Schedule, from the Florida State Relays through the NXN & Footlocker races! But also some early OUTdoor results! Next 2 are my OUTdoor Record Predictions--for general Records, but mainly for AGE Records!!
    250. For Blog post 250....
    Mostly a report on the week's results--of which there were many!
    251. Absolute Lists Absolutely Not
    Probably the main reason GH refuses to acknowledge (& reprint) my blog posts! LOL
    252. Rust is Busted!
    Lots from Arcadia, but lots of other results!
    253. April Flood of Great Marks!
    Mt SAC, and all the rest!
    254. Trends & Trivia in Track (& Field)
    Some stuff on Age Records, but also give list of significant marks, and the oldest athlete to achieve them--such as Lagat being oldest to go sub-7:30 in 3K at Age 35!
    255. Strong 2016 Continues
    Courtney Okolo's 49.71 CR--and much more!
    256. Weather subdues Relay Meets
    Penn & Drake not so great--due to bad weather!
    257. HS Milers Rock-et Stanford
    If you read my blog, you've noticed I LOVE pun-ish titles! LOL Full report from Payton Jordan!
    258. Doha just one small part
    Full DL report, but so much else!!
    259. Sandra Perks Up Pro Side
    Another of my (in-)famous title puns!! Sandra Perkovic's 232-6---plus the rest!
    260. The Conferences--All That Matters
    All the best results from Conference Weekend!
    261 & 262. Those DDD's--Men & Women
    My "DDD's" are my Top 24 A-T Performers lists! Stands for Double Dandy Dozen!
    For my 4 core groups, I give my 24th best mark (M&W), and who I think has chance to make the lists!
    263. T&F Kettle is BOILING!
    Rabat DL in detail, plus Hoka One One, Hengelo, and all the rest!!
    264. My Prefontaine Classic Preview
    Fully detailed preview & predictions for MR's!!
    265 & 266. Two posts--Lightning Strikes Across USA---& More of Lightning Strikes
    Both a metaphor for the weather & for the action in T&F!!
    267. The Fall of the Rome DL (& More!)
    OK, yet another word play!!
    Report on the lackluster Rome affair, plus some BRIEF thoughts on a variety of subjects!
    268. Upsets in Birmingham
    Adams & Ibarguen lose, but lots more--mostly about the Birmingham DL!
    269 & 270. My detailed Previews--M&W--for the NCAA meet! Based on which MR's might fall!
    271. Women Dominate Record-Smashing NCAA
    1 AR, 5 CR's & 6 MR's--Women get TEN of them!!
    A full report on a GREAT meet!!
    272. Crunch Time in Prep for Rio
    The Bislett DL, but lots more on athletes readying for the BIG ONE!!
    273 & 274. The AGE of Records--M&W
    Two of my best posts--IMHO! Title refers to the OLDEST Age Records--mostly centering on those dating from the 20th Century! LOTS of details!!
    275. Teen Record Rampage Whomps DL
    NBN totally defeats Stockholm's DL in quality of marks!! All the results!!
    276. USATF JR's Preview--& Much More
    Isi goes over 4.90!! Also a detailed Jr meet Preview, event-by-event!
    277. Hurdles Party Time at USATF JR's
    Full Jr meet report!
    278 through 286. All of my posts for the Trials!!
    Begins with a full schedule of events--all days! Then my detailed Previews (M&W), again focusing on MR's, but LOTS of info! Then come my FULL results reports--divided by 3 or 4 day sections--Heats, Semis, Finals, Q Rounds!!
    I end with my "Best & Worst" round-up!!

    I'll end this post here!
    To be continued!
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      Two more posts should do it!!
      This one begins with my July 17th, 2016 post!!

      287. From Across This Little Orb
      Lots of great marks--from Monaco DL, but also from other Euro meets, and from other continents!!
      288 & 289. WJC Meet Record Predictions--Men & Women! My usual detailed Previews, focusing on which MR's might fall!
      290. WR & 2 AR's top Pro Action
      Kendra's 12.20---and much more!
      291. Oh my Bydgoszcz!
      Full results report from the World junior Championships!!
      292. The Games of Rio
      A general intro to the Games! Includes some comments on Rule 40, the Russian Ban, and Caster Semenya!
      293 & 294. Women's & Men's PLACE in History (Place Records)
      Go over all of my Record Book's Place Records. Filled with details!
      295 through 310. SIXTEEN posts all about the Rio OG!!
      Begin with full schedule!
      Then 4 posts of my usual Preview, again based on MR's, but complete!!
      Almaz's 10K gets full treatment--with its own separate post!!
      Then follow NINE detailed reports on the entire rest of the Games--Heats, Q Rounds, Semis & Finals!!
      Lastly, my B&W post!!
      Outside of T&FN itself, you won't find a more detailed report!!
      311. Super-WR Leads Post-Rio dL's
      Jebet's 8:52.78, plus all the best results from Paris & Lausanne DL's!
      312. 5th Ave Mile Livens Season's End
      Simpson edges Muir, Centro upset, plus Zurich & more!
      313. Two More AR's for Women
      Morris & Rowbury add more AR's for Women OUTdoors---EIGHT!
      The Men? Zip!!
      314 & 315. My "year-end" OUTdoor wrap-ups for the Collegiates & HS'ers, with all the usual stuff! AOY's & much more!
      316. An Almost WR--Again
      My full report on the Berlin Marathon--plus Talence & more!
      317. XC Leaders Emerging
      Early season results.
      318. LIFE (& other news)
      The title refers to the tragic death of Tyson Gay's daughter!
      Sort of puts our world of T&F in perspective!
      319. Conference Call
      What the title says--the Collegiate Conference XC races!
      320. NYC Cuddles Huddle
      Molly's debut 26.2!
      321. Who will win NCAA's?
      My report on the XC Regionsls. Plus some OUTdoor marks from NZ & Australia!
      322 through 324. My blog's INdoor (& some OUTdoor stuff) Schedule for the 2016-2017 INdoor season! Then I do my Age Records Predictions--two posts, Ages 40 down to 17--for INdoors ONLY!!
      325. NCAA XC--Shock City
      Karissa Schweizer's big win, plus Ed Cheserek's loss!!
      326. At a Cross (&) Roads
      Yet another pun-nishing title!! The transitory part of the year!
      327 through 329. Three posts Previewing INdoors---a pair on Class Records for HS & Collegiate, followed by my list of marks needed to make my Top 24 lists---for INdoors only, of course!!
      330. NXN--and INdoors is NOW!
      A full race report, plus some stuff on INdoors.
      331. New Stars emerge at Footlocker & INdoors
      Claudia Lane & Reed Brown! Plus USATF Club & Euro XC--and some early INdoor marks!
      332 & 333. 2017 INdoor Records Predictions--M&W!! Covers my 4 core groups!
      334. 2016 OUTdoors--In Review
      Not a B&W, but sort of! Several comments on several subjects--all focused on the OUTdoor season just past!!
      335. 2016 World & US Athletes of the Year--OUTdoors
      My picks for AOY's, POY's, etc! With reasons WHY!! Last post of 2016!
      336. 2017 THE Retirement Year?
      My "farewell" to the Eaton's!! A salute to their legacy, NOT a eulogy!! LOL
      Also some results & other news.

      I think I'll close this post here, and leave the remaining 50-plus posts for the next one!


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        OK, here's all my remaining blog posts!

        337. Big Marks Surge Comes Week Early
        Mondo's up to 18-5!! Laura Muir's fast 5K! Much more!
        338. "New" 300 Lists Already Rewritten
        I compiled lists for the 300 INdoors for my Record Book! Then, lo and behold, those "new" lists got whacked to pieces!!
        339. A WR? From WHO?
        Emmanuel Korir's 600 WR! Totally unexpected! Plus more!
        340. Records Fall Far Beyond Boston
        A relatively weak Boston meet saved by great marks from all over!
        341. A Groundhog Day Review
        A cornucopia of opinions & such on various subjects--plus some news.
        342. Broken Record (of) Records Broken
        Lots of 600 action--and Records!
        343. Want Records? I Got 'Em!
        That Millrose Women's 800--plus rest of Millrose, and lots more!
        344. A Leftover's Feast
        What was left out of my previous post!! Much!!
        345. INdoors Preps for Final Push
        Great Birmingham meet, plus lots of other marks!
        346. OT's deny many while Pro's romp!
        "OT" refers to Oversize Tracks! I list all the marks that "woulda" made my lists---IF!!
        But several other marks DO make the lists!!
        347 & 348. My European Championships & USATF Previews!
        349. Europeans Not So Weak
        Muir's double, Spanovic's great series, Donato's Age 40 Record! Complete meet detailed!
        350. Those Odd Events Lift USATF
        Fast 300's & 600's highlight Nationals!
        351 & 352. My NBIN and NCAA Previews!
        353. NCAA--Sprint & Field Shockers Excite
        Coleman, Saunders, ALL of it!! What a meet!!
        354 & 355. My NBIN reports!! One for each gender! And they're FILLED with great marks & loads of Records!!
        356 & 357. My INdoor season wrap-ups. One for World & US, the 2nd for Collegiates & HS'ers! AOY's & much more!
        358. 2017 INdoors Best Ever?
        I basically compare 2017 INdoors with 2016 INdoors. But '16 was a VERY good year! And '17 was so MUCH better!! I give loads of numbers to compare!
        359. OUTdoor Schedule--2017
        I give a long list of meets, road races, XC stuff to whet your appetite for what's to come!
        360. Serious Stuff Early
        Starting with South Africa results, I add marks from US southern states! 10 days before Texas Relays!
        361 through 363. A 3-post OUTdoor season Preview! Core Group Predictions, plus my Age Records predictions!!
        364. That Week Before Texas
        All the pre-Texas Relays material!
        365. W-O-W!
        Florida, Stanford, Texas explode with storm of great Records & Marks!!
        366. Kenyan gets 4 WR's in Prague
        All distance stuff--from Roads & Tracks--overseas & at home!
        367. Thursday Thoughts
        I start with a question--Where is Mary Cain? (Still unanswered!!), then segue into another HS PRO ranking! Also other "controversial" mind stew!
        368. Arcadia stunners lead week
        McLaughlin's 38.90, American Fork's 4X1600, plus much more!
        369. Those Ducks!
        From Boston's Marathon to Mt SAC to the Bryan Clay meet, UO's Ducks made news!!
        370. Keitany's Historic Record Chase (& More)
        Cool London was HOT! Plus the World Relays in detail, and more!
        371. Relays (Records, Trivia, Oddballs)
        I give Place Records for the 4X100 & 4X400. Other stuff about Relays, including results!. The "Oddballs" refers to MY participation in some '70's Relays. Got a "rave" review or two! LOL
        372. Non-Relay Stuff Hot Also
        A variety of marks from a variety of events--other than Relays!
        373. Doha's 3K's lead Crazy Marathon Weekend
        Kipchoge's 2:00:25 in detail! Also Doha, with fast 3K's & super JT from Rohler!
        374. Shanghai DL (& Some Things)
        Full report on the China meet, plus the usual round-up of other news!
        375. SEC leads Conferences Records Binge
        Victor, Coleman, Kerley--plus Annie Rhodes big breakthrough! And all the rest!
        376. Solid "Tempo" Week
        By "tempo", I meant that things held steady--no big ups or downs!
        377. Prefontaine DL Preview
        My usual solid Preview. BTW, a couple of my readers have told me they much appreciate these Previews! LOL
        378. The 2017 Prefontaine Memorial
        Might not be the meet's actual name, but I like it!! Anyway, a detailed report!
        379. From Around the World
        Fantastic results in Gotzis!! Plus much else from all over!!
        380. High School Stunners
        McLaughlin, Tara Davis, several others produce BIG marks!
        381 & 382. My NCAA meet Previews--one for each gender! As usual, focuses on probable MR's--but every event covered!
        383 & 384. NCAA--Passion, Prescience, POW! (in 2 parts!)
        These are NOT divided by gender! There was just too much GREAT stuff for one post!
        Not far into Part 1, I state "FOUR Collegiate Records only tap the surface!
        In a nutshell, that tells you why this was one of best NC's ever!!
        385. Many Bridges to London
        Rome, Jamaica, Portland--all offer insights into everyone's "bridges" to London!
        386. NBN & Brooks PR Previews (& Oslo DL)
        I combined the pair of HS meet Previews into one! But it might tell you something about the Oslo results that I added them on as an "extra"!! LOL
        BTW, my Previews here are shorter than normal, as I said I wasn't expecting much of note from either meet!
        387. High Schoolers Rise Above
        And several HSR's, Meet Records & Class Records later, this prognosticator eats his hat!! All reported in detail!
        388. Why This Blog
        I first detail what my Record Book & Blog include! Then I explain why there's a need to see T&F as more than just WR's---or WR attempts!! There's TONS of other Records out there to break!!
        389 & 390. My USATF (Sr & Jr) meet Previews! One for each gender, with both meets covered in each post!
        391. DNS's can't stop Feats of Claye--USATF Men
        I'm not combining my 2 meet reports, because I wanted to feature my TITLE here!! Got some chuckles (& kudos!) from my "fans"!!
        392. Solid, Solid, Solid--USATF Women
        As seems to be the case lately, the Women's side outranks the Men's in terms of records broken & overall quality of marks!! (Though the Men were great also!!)
        393. USATF Juniors--and much more
        Separate post for the youngsters!!
        394. Ostrava 6, Paris 0
        This refers to the numbers of MR's broken in each! Another so-so DL!!

        And that is IT!!
        If you want to read any or all of my 394 posts, you can get to my blog via various routes---
        My Twitter page, where I place each post---a few times! Each tweet includes the link to that post!

        My Facebook page (David Betterman), where I do the same!

        A general Google search, using "Aaron K's Track & Field Record Book" as your subject!

        If you get to my blog, and it says something like "This page does not exist!"---don't believe them!
        Right below that LIE is the word "Home".
        Click on that, and VOILA, my blog appears.

        For my Archives, look to the right hand side at the top!
        EVERY post is there, dated by Month & Year!!
        If you want a post in July of 2014, click on 2014, then July of that year!

        I hope you'll take the time to check it out!
        This blog is MADE for stat freaks like myself!
        Ones who appreciate the fact that there's Class, Age, Meet, National, Place Records--in addition to World, US, Collegiate, and HSR's!!

        And GH?
        Please check it out yourself.
        If you hate it, or don't like it for one or several reasons, fine!
        But if you DO like it---how about either posting each blog to T&FN site---
        OR allowing me to start an ongoing thread (in Current Events) about it, where I can tell everyone what's included in a particular post, or just talk about it in a general way??

        Thanks everyone for your interest!


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          A fascinating study of human nature----

          There are currently 8 threads going on this "Free Speech" forum----mine, and 7 others!
          The other 7 are all---in one way or another---of a political bent.
          And most of THOSE have to do with how "awful" Trump is, and who should replace him!!

          Then you have MY thread---innocently listing the posts on my T&F blog I'd not listed before on previous Free Speech days!!

          Mine is the one with the LEAST amount of views---
          and ZERO replies!!

          Yes, a fascinating study in AMERICAN human nature!!
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            My blog is closing in on 42,000 page views!

            It has a few avid fans, including---
            Eric Charter, a serious advocate of Iowa State T&F
            Coach D, whom I believe either coaches Tyrese Cooper, or is involved with his coaching somehow
            Ty Davis, who is Tara Davis's father!!

            Plus some others who have said they like my blog, and often retweet it on Twitter!

            Sorry to brag, but I just believe I have something good to offer the sport, and I want people to know about it!

            Another good thing about it is---
            It's ad-free, and......FREE!!