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Christian Coleman [cleared by USADA] [Facing new suspension?]


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  • Christian Coleman [cleared by USADA] [Facing new suspension?]


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    Originally posted by Master403 View Post
    You're going to have to go back much farther than that to make your point.
    And of course body builders were openly and boldly using them at that time.
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      Originally posted by gh View Post
      I would posit that while overall NFL usage might have been as high, it and all other ball sports were still behind the curve in the cutting-edge department. Comparing American ball leagues to track is really apples & oranges (or at least, was), as the American sports were insular and dealt only with a home market, whereas track had scientists from many far-flung countries developing PED technology. Unless there was some rogue EastBloc lab working on building a better tight end.
      There is no better program than a program of trial and error over time as each one explores what works best for them and communicates it to a few others.


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        Originally posted by mungo man View Post

        Those leagues don't need to test as much as track and field. The more skill is required in a sport, the less the athletes need to dope. In basketball, doping is not as useful. You must have the skill to shoot or have court vision or position yourself for a rebound or block shots plus numerous intangibles. In track on the other hand, its all mostly brute strength or endurance. Therefore the impact of doping is much more significant. In terms of how much doping helps an athlete, Track and basketball are on opposite ends of the scale. If the NBA hardly tests players, most fans would not care. The others are somewhere in the middle.
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