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  • heads up Mahler freaks

    The SFS has released the 7th in the series of Mahler symphonies (actually, his 7th, but they aren't in order, 5th is up next). Should be in stores next week, but at Davies and online at I got it last week, finally got around to giving it a listen tonight. Really good, definitely in the class with their versions of the 6th and 2nd. Joe Bob says "check it out"

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    Re: head up Mahler freaks

    Head up Mahler freaks?

    I dunno. I've heard of multi-headed freaks, but I can't imagine how multiple freaks--even Mahler freaks--could share a single head. :-)


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      Re: head up Mahler freaks

      Header should have read "heads", I'm a sloppy typist, my bad. Still a good CD.


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        Re: head up Mahler freaks

        I'm posting this only because I'm kinda wasted after a long evening, and I'm a classical recording-rating hobbyist.. Mike: what're your 2 favorite movements from Mahler symphonies? I like several, but only 2 'make the cut' above the rest - and of all I've heard, best recordings are: #1: 1st mvt.(Levine-Lon.Sym.) and #4: 3rd (Karajan or Abbado). Only a recording-rating obsessive would ask this. But that's me.