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How to use new forum features from the horse's mouth !


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  • How to use new forum features from the horse's mouth !

    please forgive the new topic, but here is a tutorial from the actual originators of this type of forum

    i advise everyone to stop flippin those burgers,eyeing those sausages, watching one of the most electrifying moments in the history of sport & take a little time out & study the following:

    examination text
    • anyone not possessing their own teeth
    • experiencing hesitancy or terminal dribbling
    • using the wheelie-zimmer as their standard mode of transport
    • requiring on a frequent basis[/*:m:278teln4]

    will be given their 3 hour written examination & 1 hour oral examination in 1 weeks time !

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    While I appreciate your efforts - and I have bookmarked that site for later reference - I come here to RELAX. Learning all that stuff is too much like work! Can't I be a slacker and just type stuff out?! :?


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      Thanks Eldrick

      Eldrick, thanks for the informational link, as well as the emoticon heaven. Methinks I can have some fun with this.

      C'mon tafnut, it's not THAT hard.


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        Re: Thanks Eldrick

        Originally posted by guru
        C'mon tafnut, it's not THAT hard.
        Dude! Old dogs, new tricks?!

        OK - I have a file of about 1000 of those nasty little things - how do I click and drag? [cuz I ain't about to write some freakin code! ]


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          many thanks guru

          i'll post those smiley links again:

          if anyone has any other good smiley sites, please post them here


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            I am practicing smiley insertion and thought I'd give Eugene good luck by posting duck smileys.

            I got these from


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              Oops didn't work.