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What:s in Your Wallet, Cash or Card?


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    The problem with cash is that since it is already out of my bank account, it is too easy to spend.

    The problem with debit cards are that they are too convienent.

    i usually just carry the debit and little or no cash. the only time things are different is when i go to a bar or something and have to decide whether or not i want to just bring how much cash i want to spend or just the card and open a tab(ive found this is convienent since you only tip at the end and can base that on the overall service)


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      Maybe I am missing something here but why debit cards? Why forego the float on credit cards?
      I'm with you lone wolf. For the life of me I just cannot see why anyone would use debit instead of credit, as long as they have the wherewithall to PAY IT ALL OFF EVERY SINGLE MONTH. AS we both have said, it's free money for 1 to 1 1/2 months, plus frequent flyer points or other such perqs.


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        One issue I have here is that not every establishment has the convenience available for patrons to use bank cards. Too expensive, owners say. Instead, they lose business to someone down the street who has a card reader. Wonder how many thousands of kronor every year, on an average, these owners lose on missed opportunity... if it outweighs the cost of installing and paying for a machine.