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Do YOU Have the Right to Sing the Blues?


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  • Do YOU Have the Right to Sing the Blues?

    Do you have the right to sing the Blues?

    Answer “Yes” if:

    a. your first name is a southern state—like Georgia
    b. you:re blind
    c. you shot a man in Memphis.
    d. you can:t be satisfied.
    e. you:re older than dirt

    Answer “No” if:

    a. you once were blind but now can see.
    b. you:re deaf
    c. the man in Memphis lived.
    d. you have a trust fund or an IRA.
    e. you have all your teeth
    f. you were once blind but now can see

    Help me out here... what more does it take to sing the blues? :-)

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    Good places for the Blues:

    a. highway
    b. jailhouse
    c. empty bed
    d. bottom of a whiskey glass


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      everybodys got the blues. i said everbodys got the blues. ya take the baby lying in the little baby bed. he cant get that milk bottle fast enough. he go to kicking and crying. tearing up the little baby bed. he got the blues. thats what wrong with him'

      ya take this girl she got a main squeeze, thats her boyfriend ya see, and he just bought a brand new G T O. and she wanna with him everytime he cranks it up and go around corner to soda fountain where all the guys and girls be and show it off. well she gets ready to go out one particular night and her mother says daughter you cant go out tonite you went last night thats too many nights in a row. she go in her room, fasten the door, wont eat, wont talk to anyone. she's got the blues, thats whats wrong with her.

      some people call em the reds, the pinks but when ya get all through with it its the old fashioned country blues. now i havent seen my main squeeze in ten long weeks today. you know i got the blues. can ya dig it?-albert king, king of the blues

      oh, almost forgot the anwser to the question. everybody has the blues but that doesnt mean they can sing em and get across. what you do in your shower however is ya bidness.


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        From what I:ve heard about the blues:

        Blues cars are Chevies, Cadillacs and broken-down trucks.
        Other acceptable Blues transportation modes include Greyhound buses and southbound trains.

        Walkin plays a major part in the Blues lifestyle.

        So does fixin to die.

        Blues don:t travel in Volvos, BMWs, or SUVs.
        Jet aircraft and state-sponsored motor pools ain:t even in the running.

        Excellent names for female Blues singers: Sadie, Big Momma, Bessie, or Fat River Dumpling.

        Excellent names for male Blues singers: Willie, Joe, Little Willie, Lightning, or Big Willie.

        Singers with names like Muffy, Sierra, Auburn, Alexis, Gwenyth, Sequoiz, Brittany or Rainbow are not permitted to sing the Blues, no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.


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          eric clapton 1967- cant sing the blues

          eric clapton 2005- can sing the blues

          the differance 1.5 million cancer sticks inhaled and a few broken hearts.