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We're not in Kansas anymore


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  • We're not in Kansas anymore

    Not commenting on guns here because I know that a thread like that could go bad quickly. Just found this funny. Maybe lost in the retelling.

    Catching up with some guys on a run today after various vacations that we all had at different times. One guy went to Disney World with is wife and 4 kids. They took a Winnebago and stopped a couple of times on the way and visited some fellow professionals in the field he is in. One of them was in Georgia. While he was there, the friend gets a call that his rental property had been broken into. So the Georgian does what anyone would do in those circumstances, he calls the police.....and gets his Colt 45 out of his safe, loads it, puts it in his belt and heads out to the rental property with my nervous fellow runner in tow. They get to the house. Colt 45 gets left in the car. Front door is open and they go in and find the place has been ransacked but not too much stolen. They walk out the front door and keep in mind they have sweats on and, luckily, no gun. Two cops outside yelling at them to get their hands up with guns trained at them. My fellow runner didn't have to be told twice. Other guy says "We're the good guys". "How do we know that-hands up-let's see some I.D." My fellow runner made sure he got the protocol down pat before he tried to follow through with those seemingly contradictory orders. Whole experience was a little unique for a canuck although the Georgian was a transplanted canuck that seems to have adjusted to the culture.