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Worst Places To Be Homeless


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  • Worst Places To Be Homeless

    (and here's hoping none of us ever end up in such a situation) ... 06&cid=842

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    The problem with ranking cities as the worst places to be homeless is that it almost implies that there are good places to be homeless.

    There are not.

    But yes, some are undoubtedly worse than others. May none of us ever have the opportunity to rank them based on personal experience.


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      This is not a joking matter, but clearly--in this regard--Santa Monica is much better than Buffalo, Flint, St. Paul, Fargo, or Billings...


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        11. San Francisco

        So there was a good reason to help the gentleman whom I refered to as "Market Street Pete".

        Fighting the root causes of homelessness have been a huge responsibility I have taken on in life. Many a person have ended up down on his (her) luck, and caught a few bad breaks. Too often we pass by folks from the streets and say, 'ah, what a shame.'

        Try your best to spend five minutes with a street person... one time I talked to a hooker at 07.00 -- I was on my way to a business appointment in Göteborg... the hooker was drunk/stoned/faded -- whatever. She made hardly any sense, but was so happy someone had taken a couple of minutes to appreciate the fact that she was alive and worth something.

        Sometimes people are only a stroke away from the bad side of luck... have some understanding for them. Thanks for the article link GH.


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          while I have great sympathy for the plight of the homeless, they are an underclass, and the government, as a whole, doest care about them at all...

          i've got 16 stitches, due to a home less guy NOT taking his medication....

          oru culture is so bourgoise, it's frequently too much about the next trip, the next trophy wife, the next nation to loot....

          so, the basic questions of life aren't answered by material things...

          but material things are needed for a basic life...

          it's all about finding a balance