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on coping with C19 lockdown


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  • Originally posted by tandfman View Post
    A woman who works as a clerk at a DMV office is not a bureaucrat. She's a low-level clerical employee. If you think that low-level clerical employees in private companies don't make errors like that, you're kidding yourself.
    I'm not sure I would have had the courage to question a 15$ fee from a private company either. Hopefully there are more jeremyp types out there .
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    • Next up: Haircut! This Saturday. Both of us (cutter and cutee) will wear a mask, I will have to get my Temperature taken, A wet towel will be over my face during shampoo (sounds a little Gitmo'ish to me), there will be no magazines, coffee, candies, and since I'm going with my wife to see the same person one of us has to wait outside. Oh and $5 extra for "disinfecting" costs. I debated waiting until I look like Mr. R.V. Winkle, but our hairdresser needs the $.

      · Wait in car until text/called. Our waiting room will be temporarily closed.
      · Do not bring extra people in the Salon with you and sorry, but no children permitted in with you.
      · We will only be allowed 10 people or less in the Salon at any time (including Stylists). -We love you all, but hand shaking and hugging is not allowed.
      · Please wear a mask in order to be admitted. We will wear masks too. We may have a hard time breathing and communicating while wearing masks so let’s do our best.
      · We will be taking digital temperatures of Stylists & Clients upon arrival.
      · You will be asked to wash your hands upon entry.
      · You may be asked to sanitize your phone with an alcohol wipe. -You will be asked to sanitize your hands with provided hand sanitizer if you touch your phone or any other personal item brought into Vogue.
      · We will be pre-washing everyone’s hair before services.
      · While shampooing is performed we will place a clean towel over your mouth, nose and eyes. -Drink service will be temporarily suspended. Water cooler will be off limits. Please bring a drink to long appointments.
      · All magazines have been discarded and will not be provided for now.
      · All candy has been discarded and candy dishes must be removed for now.
      · All product samples must be removed for now.
      · Consider skipping a blow-dry as it may or may not contribute to the spread of the virus.

      · There will be a $5 Covid Disinfecting Charge added to all services to cover supplies and the extra time needed for disinfecting between each client until no longer necessary.
      · Know that our opinions of the entire situation will not change the laws or rules necessary for everyone’s safety, let’s keep conversations light and fun.

      · We will check you out at our station/chair instead of the front desk whenever possible.
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      • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post

        Really....Oregon is closed ...Illinois is fact all expiration dates in Illinois are extended for 90 days after restrictions are lifted.

        Why would you need a passport? What state is this? Having DMVs open now seems silly.
        They wanted proof of citizenship: Birth certificate or Passport. My Birth certificate is from Singapore (it's along story) so Passport it is.


        • Jeremyp, you deliver solid gold posts!, I see a YouTube channel in your future!!


          • Meanwhile....someone is not coping well...

            Coronavirus: Elon Musk vows to move Tesla factory in lockdown row

            Billionaire Tesla boss Elon Musk has said he will move the electric carmaker's headquarters out of California, after he was ordered to keep its only US vehicle plant closed.

            "Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately," the CEO tweeted.

            Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the firm will leave California after he is ordered to keep a factory shut.


            • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
              Meanwhile....someone is not coping well...
              I don't see how this is not coping well. Tesla already has its Gigafactory (claimed to be the largest building in the world and the largest producer of batteries) and various test and research facilities east of Sparks NV. Moving HQ and future programs makes logistical sense. There may also be tax benefits.

              The dispute is primarily over not allowing reopening automobile production. Tesla has already successfully done this in China.
              Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants


              • Originally posted by Master403 View Post

                I don't see how this is not coping well. Tesla already has its Gigafactory (claimed to be the largest building in the world and the largest producer of batteries) and various test and research facilities east of Sparks NV. Moving HQ and future programs makes logistical sense. There may also be tax benefits.

                The dispute is primarily over not allowing reopening automobile production. Tesla has already successfully done this in China.
                10 day difference......

                Scott Haggerty, the county supervisor for the district in Alameda County where Tesla’s Fremont plant is located, said on Saturday that he had been confident that county health officials and Tesla executives were close to an agreement on reopening the plant on May 18. But, Mr. Haggerty said, that appeared to be unacceptable to Mr. Musk, who wanted to open the plant on May 8.

                “We were working on a lot of policies and procedures to help operate that plant and quite frankly, I think Tesla did a pretty good job, and that’s why I had it to the point where on May 18, Tesla would have opened,” Mr. Haggerty said. “I know Elon knew that. But he wanted it this week.”

                Things began to break down on Thursday, Mr. Haggerty said, when a Tesla executive called him and told him Mr. Musk was thinking about suing him.

                “It was only a threat, and as an elected official I get threatened all the time,” Mr. Haggerty said. “It does at that point slow down conversations between my contact at the plant and myself.”

                Still, it did not appear to be game over — until Mr. Musk started tweeting.
                “He could have spent time enjoying his new baby and given me and my staff a couple more days and his plant would have been open on May 18,” Mr. Haggerty said. “Am I somewhat sympathetic with Tesla? Yes I am. Am I sympathetic to the way Musk is treating people? No.”


                • General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler have all said they intend to start production May 18.

                  Over the last few months, Mr. Musk has issued several strident calls to reopen the Fremont plant. After local officials ordered the plant closed, he tried to keep the plant open but was forced by the officials to shut it down in late March. In a conference call this past week to report Tesla’s earnings, he called the order “fascist.

                  Mr. Musk has also underestimated the severity of the virus. In January, he said the coronavirus “would be no worse than the common cold.”

                  Alameda County has reported 1,961 coronavirus cases and 70 deaths from the disease.

                  The official at the center of Mr. Musk’s attacks is the interim health director for Alameda County, Dr. Erica Pan. She is also an attending physician for pediatric infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital in Oakland and has studied the course of outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections and their effects on communities.

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                  • Meanwhile....

                    A lot of evidence suggests that formal re-opening policies are only loosely correlated with people's behavior. Tennessee (+8%) and Kentucky (+8%) score exactly the same on Apple's mobility tracker even though Tennessee is "open" and Kentucky is "closed".


                    • Meanwhile...this is use is way down in Britain....

                      Engineers fight to keep lights on as demand falls

                      Electricity usage has plunged since lockdown began, posing challenges for suppliers

                      But overall electricity demand has plunged by up to a fifth since the UK government followed other countries into imposing a lockdown at the end of March. The sharp decline reflects the closure of many businesses and industrial sites due to the pandemic.

                      The team at the National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), the company charged with managing Britain’s grid, has been working harder than ever during the pandemic to keep the system stable and avoid blackouts.

                      “It [such low demand] is basically unprecedented in the history of the current market structure which is 20 years old,” says Tom Edwards, senior modeller at Cornwall Insight, an energy consultancy.



                      • Meanwhile....

                        Johnson faces backlash over ‘stay alert’ virus slogan

                        Critics say new approach risks confusing the public over whether to remain at home

                        Boris Johnson’s team has a much-vaunted reputation for sloganeering, but critics said the prime minister’s new message as he prepares to ease the UK’s coronavirus lockdown — “stay alert” — risks confusing the public.

                        Mr Johnson is ditching his ultra clear “stay at home” message that accompanied the start of the lockdown on March 23, but he still wants many people to continue to stay at home. At the same time, he wants workers in certain industries to return to work.

                        “We want now to have a message which encourages people to go to work,” Mr Jenrick told Sky News. But later on the BBC he said: “We want people to stay at home as much as possible.”

                        The slogan “stay alert” was rejected by the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.



                        • A 10/10!

                          If it’s one thing we admire it’s commitment to the narrative. The wallpaper makes it 10/10


                          • I deeply resent the attacks on Elon Musk, he just had a son and has the vision to name his son 905.. this man is a leader!!!
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                            • Meanwhile....we touched on this...but still ....

                              French encouraged to eat more cheese as act of patriotism

                              French citizens are being asked to fulfill their patriotic duty and eat more cheese to help the dairy industry amid a massive surplus due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sales of certain cheeses have …


                              • And then there's Germany:
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