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on coping with C19 lockdown


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    Went to our local Costco today. Came at 10, when it opens and there was a line around the building. But it was an organized line inside a designated single file. 1. They provided the pre cleaned cart. 2. Only x number of people were allowed in, as x number came out x number went in. 3. At checkout there was someone directing you to a red tape on the floor and the cashier, when ready, motioned you in. 4. There was a plastic partition between shopper and cashier.
    Very orderly, very well done.
    Only one slight hitch when the lady in front of me in line barked at me to stay 6 feet back. I decided not to point out that while I was wearing a mask and gloves she only had wipes. Then she dropped her wipe and it fell at my feet. Without ado she leaned down and grabbed it. I was soooo tempted to say BOO! but did not want to be arrested for domestic terrorism.


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      In software development a lot of small shops use a process called Kanban, which limits the flow of work in the process in order to reduce bottlenecks. What Costco and others are doing is an application of some of the Kanban principles -

      TRIVIA – A great example of a Kanban system is used today in Tokyo Imperial Palace Gardens in Japan. The staff here uses a foolproof method to limit the flow of visitors. Each visitor receives a plastic card at the entrance, which must be returned while leaving the garden. Because the total number of cards is meaningfully limited, only so many visitors can stroll through the palace in a given time. New visitors have to wait in line till the next card/slot is available. The access to the palace is free, but it is granted only if the pre-allotted cards are available.


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        I'm using home delivery for groceries...I see zero reason to go to some crowded place like Costco.


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          Finally went to the dump today. It was closed yesterday. Now I have nothing to look forward to.


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            Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post
            I'm using home delivery for groceries...I see zero reason to go to some crowded place like Costco.
            Except it wasn't crowded. 100 people at most. Good crowd control.


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              Originally posted by gh View Post
              gee, maybe I should make my 15th attempt at War & Peace!
              That's a few more times than I've attempted but I never got past the book one and the longest, boringest party of all time.

              I did just finish Life & Fate by Vasily Grossman, the War & Peace of WWII. Much much easier to get into and through.


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                Originally posted by jeremyp View Post

                Except it wasn't crowded. 100 people at most. Good crowd control.
                That's 100 more than I want to see. But good they are taking precautions.

                Anyways I just made an order at Safeway....suppose to be here today...


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                  Originally posted by bambam1729 View Post
                  Finally went to the dump today. It was closed yesterday. Now I have nothing to look forward to.
                  The Sweet Sixteen starts ton....oops....sorry....


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                    My Safeway order just arrived! 2 hours and everything I wanted....also tipped $25 so someone got some money I'm sure they could use. A very satisfying experience.


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                      I am in splendid isolation on the farm for the NZ total lockdown - except for essential services.

                      Being a tick in just about every "at risk" covid-19 box, my kids insisted I move out of Auckland and to the farm in the Wairarapa - truly in wopwops. Google map, 9 Hinau Gully Road, Carrington, New Zealand, and you will see what I mean.

                      Keeping the body fit
                      I am still able to do throwing training for whenever Masters TnF starts again in a few months time. I can throw in the paddocks - just need to make sure the sheep and cattle are in the next paddock. Can only do standing throws, as a bit difficult to try and turn.

                      Yesterday started day 1 of my covid-19 lockdown fitness challenge. How many push-ups can I do when the lockdown is lifted. A slow start yesterday at 18. Will also start today doing 50cm squat jumps onto a log that is outside the house.

                      Keeping the mind fit
                      Have finally started to actively use my Netflix subscription.
                      Using GH's list, I am also going to see how many of the OSCAR Best Pictures I can watch over the next month - one a day, if I can access them.

                      Of course movie watching doesn't do much for keeping the mind fit.
                      My consulting company is now fully operational online - and we are busy as hell, with hundreds of people freaking out over their visas.

                      Also finally working on updating and writing family histories for my Maori tribe.


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                        One thing suggested downunder - especially in case of a more severe lockdown - was that with cancellation of all sports & postponement of the Olympics:

                        A free-to-air TV channel could re-run the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a 'virtually live' event.

                        I like this idea. I guess the UK (and others) could do it for their most recent home-Games too.

                        There are some people out there who won't be interested but it must be the first time in world history that sport & recreation has ever been banned/limited across the globe. It's quite surreal.


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                          Originally posted by bambam1729 View Post
                          Godfather 1 & 2 only ones at 9.0 or above
                          here's a sort by number
                          YEAR OSCAR WINNER IMDB
                          1972 The Godfather 9.1
                          1974 The Godfather: Part II 9.0
                          1943 Casablanca 8.8
                          1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 8.8
                          1993 Schindler's List 8.8
                          2003 The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King 8.8
                          1962 Lawrence Of Arabia 8.6
                          1991 The Silence Of The Lambs 8.6
                          1999 American Beauty 8.6
                          2006 The Departed 8.6
                          2019 Parasite 8.6
                          2007 No Country for Old Men 8.5
                          1928 Sunrise (Artistic Picture) 8.4
                          1940 Rebecca 8.4
                          1950 All About Eve 8.4
                          1954 On The Waterfront 8.4
                          1957 The Bridge on the River Kwai 8.4
                          1984 Amadeus 8.4
                          1994 Forrest Gump 8.4
                          1960 The Apartment 8.3
                          1973 The Sting 8.3
                          1995 Braveheart 8.3
                          2015 Spotlight 8.3
                          1934 It Happened One Night 8.2
                          1945 The Lost Weekend 8.2
                          1946 The Best Years Of Our Lives 8.2
                          1959 Ben-Hur 8.2
                          1977 Annie Hall 8.2
                          1978 The Deer Hunter 8.2
                          1986 Platoon 8.2
                          1992 Unforgiven 8.2
                          2000 Gladiator 8.2
                          2004 Million Dollar Baby 8.2
                          2018 Green Book 8.2
                          1930 All Quiet On The Western Front 8.1
                          1939 Gone With The Wind 8.1
                          1966 A Man for All Seasons 8.1
                          1967 In The Heat Of The Night 8.1
                          1970 Patton 8.1
                          1982 Gandhi 8.1
                          2005 Crash 8.1
                          2013 12 Years A Slave 8.1
                          1938 You Can't Take It With You 8.0
                          1948 Hamlet 8.0
                          2008 Slumdog Millionaire 8.0
                          2010 The King's Speech 8.0
                          2011 The Artist 8.0
                          1935 Mutiny On The Bounty 7.9
                          1941 How Green Was My Valley 7.9
                          1969 Midnight Cowboy 7.9
                          1971 The French Connection 7.9
                          1976 Rocky 7.9
                          1988 Rain Man 7.9
                          1990 Dances With Wolves 7.9
                          2001 A Beautiful Mind 7.9
                          1928 Wings (Outstanding Picture) 7.8
                          1953 From Here To Eternity 7.8
                          1964 My Fair Lady 7.8
                          1965 The Sound Of Music 7.8
                          1980 Ordinary People 7.8
                          1987 The Last Emperor 7.8
                          2012 Argo 7.8
                          2014 Birdman 7.8
                          1942 Mrs. Miniver 7.7
                          1955 Marty 7.7
                          1961 West Side Story 7.7
                          1932 Grand Hotel 7.6
                          1949 All The King's Men 7.6
                          1968 Oliver! 7.6
                          1979 Kramer Vs. Kramer 7.6
                          2009 The Hurt Locker 7.6
                          2017 The Shape Of Water 7.6
                          1944 Going My Way 7.5
                          2016 Moonlight 7.5
                          1937 The Life Of Emile Zola 7.4
                          1989 Driving Miss Daisy 7.4
                          1998 Shakespeare In Love 7.4
                          1947 Gentleman's Agreement 7.3
                          1951 An American In Paris 7.3
                          1981 Chariots Of Fire 7.3
                          1983 Terms Of Endearment 7.3
                          2002 Chicago 7.3
                          1963 Tom Jones 7.2
                          1996 The English Patient 7.2
                          1997 Titanic 7.1
                          1936 The Great Ziegfeld 7.0
                          1958 Gigi 6.9
                          1985 Out Of Africa 6.9
                          1956 Around The World In 80 Days 6.8
                          1952 The Greatest Show on Earth 6.7
                          1933 Cavalcade 6.6
                          1929 Broadway Melody Of 1929 6.5
                          1931 Cimarron 6.2


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                            I've watched about 30 of them. Most watched was Lawrence of Arabia - 8 times.


                            • #89
                              I've seen them all except Parasite and there are probably at least a dozen that I've seen double-digit times, with Casablanca probably being the winner.


                              • #90
                                You've seen this?!
                                1928 Sunrise

                                I see it's on Youtube, but after 2 minutes I was done.

                                I've seen parts of these, not the whole thing

                                1933 Cavalcade
                                1929 Broadway Melody Of 1929

                                I watched over half of Parasite and couldn't do any more.

                                Seen the rest.

                                Probably watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest over 20 times, but 18 of them were in class.