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  • Originally posted by 26mi235 View Post
    Something is happening with the Texas data on deaths on Worldometer The total yesterday was listed at ~50 but now shows 450 which might be a reflection of them closing out the day sooner, because the national total cited some places is substantially higher than the 596 they listed for yesterday. Most of those deaths were listed as 'unassigned' (not assigned to any county). Today the Texas total so far is 654 with 534 listed as 'unassigned' . In the tally on their site, this would bring the days total ~1700 with some Texas and California counties (+ CO, NB) to go. In their compilation, that would bring the weekly average to 1100/day, a level last seen in mid-to-late May.
    There were news reports that Texas added all at once over 600 old deaths that they finally confirmed were COVID-19


    • Originally posted by 26mi235 View Post

      That added to the fatalities, but I think that it was relatively modest in its total impact. Also, those people had to go somewhere because the hospitals were out of space and unknown infections (those without (much in the way of) symptoms) were in many of those care facilities - I do think that it was a bad idea, but I am not sure what the right answer was for that situation.
      If you add the NY and NJ deaths from long-term care facilities alone, it is near 10% of the USA total. I think that is more than modest.


      • Brazil July 28

        Daily new cases 41,169
        Total Cases 2,484,649

        Daily new deaths 955
        Total deaths 88,634
        Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants


        • A Road Map to Reset the Nation's Approach to the Pandemic

          In just six months, nearly 150,000 Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19, with more than 4 million infected by the virus that causes it. Cases continue to rise at an alarming rate across much of the United States. If the nation does not change its course – and soon – deaths in the U.S. could well be in the multiples of hundreds of thousands.

          The AAMC offers a road map to reset the nation’s response to the pandemic based on our understanding and expertise as doctors, scientists, and medical educators, as well as the work we have done to help our members respond on the front lines of patient care, testing, and medical research for effective treatments and vaccines.
          The road map identifies a set of nine evidence-based, commonsense actions the AAMC believes is essential to act on immediately, and two longer-term, larger-scale changes to improve the overall health of our nation.

          Immediate actions
          1. Remedy critical supply and drug shortages.
          2. Increase availability and accessibility of testing.
          3. Establish national standards on face coverings.
          4. Establish and enforce national criteria for local stay-at-home orders and reopening protocols.
          5. Establish national criteria for K-12 school reopenings and convene a working group to study different approaches.
          6. Immediately expand health insurance through COBRA.
          7. Begin planning now to prioritize distribution of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.
          8. Address and resolve health care inequities.
          9. Inform, educate, and engage the public.
          Longer-Term Actions
          1. Broaden health insurance.
          2. Strengthen the nation’s public health infrastructure.


          • so who can you trust?

            No Evidence That Doctor Group in Viral Video Got Near COVID 'Front Lines'

            — Who are the physicians behind America's Frontline Doctors?



            • Certainly not that lot....


              • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post

                The Tuesday (7/28/20) early afternoon numbers:

                Worldwide: 16,540(+1%)cases & 654K(+1%) deaths
                The USA : 4,399K (+0%)cases & 148K(+1%) deaths
                New York: 413K (+0%) cases & 32,645(+0%) deaths
                NYC only: 224K (+0%) cases & 16,300(+0%) deaths
                New Jersey:180K(+0%)cases & 15,825(+0%) deaths
                Bergen Co.:20,341(+0%)cases & 2,046(+0%) deaths

                NJ had 565 new cases & 24 new Confirmed Deaths.
                NY had 534 new cases & 26 new Confirmed Deaths.

                The Rt for NJ ticked up again to 1.14 but its positivity rate is only about 2%. NJ upped its quarantine list to 34 states and D.C. and Puerto Rico.
                The Wednesday (7/28/20) early afternoon numbers:

                Worldwide: 16,810K(+2%)cases & 662K(+1%) deaths
                The USA : 4,461K (+1%) cases & 150K (+1%) deaths
                New York : 413K (+0%) cases & 32,658 (+0%) deaths
                NYC only: 224K (+0%) cases & 16,302 (+0%) deaths
                New Jersey:181K(+0%)cases & 15,798 (+0%) deaths
                Bergen Co.:20,391(+0%)cases & 2,038 (+0%) deaths

                NY, NJ, and Bergen total deaths include probable as well as confirmed deaths, while NYC includes only confirmed deaths.

                NJ had 489 new cases. It also had 18 new confirmed deaths but probable deaths were reduced by 45. The probable death reduction also reduced the Bergen total deaths slightly.

                NY had 715 new cases & 9 new confirmed deaths.

                The Rt for NJ remained at 1.14 and new positivity rate is 2.42%. There are 715 hospitalizations.
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                • Athens, Tifton hospitals run out of beds for critical patients

                  COVID-19 case counts soar, choking health system

                  Georgia hospitals in at least two of the state’s health regions have run out of Intensive Care Unit beds, forcing them to improvise space, scramble for staff and to send some patients on journeys to other parts of the state for care.

                  As coronavirus cases have soared, all ICU beds of the Athens region’s 12 counties have been full since Friday, according to state figures. In south central Georgia, the state shows Tift Regional Medical Center’s nine-county region down to two ICU beds, but that is outdated, Tift’s CEO said Tuesday afternoon.



                  • Meanwhile...

                    A grim possibility is we'll see a global Covid decoupling, where much of Europe and Asia is mostly able to keep epidemics at bay but the U.S. can't, and sees higher and persistent infection and slower GDP growth; and has a cordon sanitaire remain imposed on us from other nations.



                    • Originally posted by 26mi235 View Post
                      Half of those that are hospitalized are under 60. The heart study found substantial evidence of heart problems even in those that were not hospitalized. This very likely means that there will be years of life lost by those young in the graphic above. In fact, added with evidence of liver and other problems (including lungs) of those not even hospitalized might mean that there are more years of life lost by those under 60. This could have an affect on life expectancy that goes on for decades, not months.
                      Which means half of those hospitalized are over 60 and yet the over-60 population makes up approximately 20 percent of the population. When combined with the death counts this should give us cause to exercise extreme caution around the elderly and we should have as public policy to do all we can to protect them from this contagion. All high dundgeon theatrics and public policy efforts and resources spent to policing 20 year old beachgoers is woefully misplaced.
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                      • Clueless


                        • Herman Cain RIP



                          • In the Times...

                            Mr. Cain attended Mr. Trump’s indoor rally in Tulsa, Okla., on June 20. A few hours before the event, the Trump campaign disclosed that six staff members who had been working on the rally had tested positive for the virus during a routine screening. Two members of the Secret Service also tested positive there, people familiar with the matter said.

                            In a video on his website, Mr. Cain described the rally and he said he had worn a mask while in groups of people. But he also posted photographs of himself on social media that showed him without a mask and surrounded by people in the arena.


                            • the Times...

                              The death toll rises in Australia, which once had the outbreak under control.

                              Australia has recorded its deadliest day since the pandemic began, with 13 deaths reported on Wednesday, all in the southern state of Victoria, which also had 723 new cases. A total of 21 new cases were recorded in other states, as the authorities tightened borders and local restrictions.

                              The record numbers are largely the result of outbreaks in nursing homes, as well as people going into work while symptomatic, the authorities said.

                              “This is incredibly serious. And every time somebody doesn’t do the right thing, every time somebody contributes to the spread of the virus, then that means that another family will be having to plan a funeral,” Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria, told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.

                              “Unless everyone plays their part, this lockdown will not end anytime soon,” he added.


                              • Brazil July 29

                                Daily new cases 70,869
                                Total Cases 2,555,518

                                Daily new deaths 1,554
                                Total deaths 90,188

                                Record daily highs
                                Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants