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  • Headline - Group sees 14% increase in child Covid-19 cases with close to 800,000 US kids infected


    • meanwhile in England.....

      New study shows COVID-19 antibodies drop rapidly after infection


      • 1 in 5 members of Russia's lower house of parliament have had or currently have Covid-19, official says

        At least one out of every five lawmakers in the lower house of Russia’s parliament currently have or have had coronavirus, the speaker of the house, also known as Duma, told President Vladimir Putin in a meeting Monday.


        • Behind Georgia’s Covid-19 dashboard disaster

          The Georgia Department of Public Health saw its reputation scorched as a result of the state’s ridiculed Covid-19 dashboard. But as it turns out, the health department had little control over the troubled site.


          • Originally posted by Halfmiler2 View Post

            The Monday (10/26/20) early afternoon numbers:

            Globally: 43,101K cases & 1,151K deaths
            The USA: 8,752K cases & 229K deaths
            NY State: 497K cases & 33,069 deaths
            NYC only: 259K cases & 23,959 deaths
            NJ State: 230K cases & 16,292 deaths
            Bergen: 24,648 cases & 2,058 deaths

            Global numbers exclude China - 86K reported cases & 4.6K reported deaths.

            NJ had 1,223 new cases & 7 new confirmed cases
            NY had 1,191 new cases, 12 new confirmed cases
            NJ has 948 & NY has 1,059 hospitalizations.
            The Rt for NJ rose to 1.23. Its previous high is 1.27.
            The Tuesday (10/27/20) early afternoon numbers:

            Globally: 43,548K cases & 1,157K deaths
            The USA: 8,800K cases & 229K deaths
            NY State: 499K cases & 33,073 deaths
            NYC only: 260K cases & 23,964 deaths
            NJ State: 231K cases & 16,306 deaths
            Bergen: 24,795 cases & 2,058 deaths

            NJ, NY, NYC, & Bergen County deaths include confirmed & probable.

            NJ had 1,663 new cases, 14 new confirmed deaths
            NY had 1,991 new cases, 16 new confirmed deaths
            NJ has 957 & NY has 1,083 hospitalizations.
            The Rt for NJ rose to 1.26.
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            • Europe has had 200,000+ cases a day for 3 days. France, Spain, U.K., and Italy look like they did 6 months ago. Countries that had it under control now....not so much. It looks like we will be folowing suit.


              • In NJ, we are still nowhere near where we were in the Spring when we peaked at over 4K daily news cases, over 400 daily new deaths, and over 8K hospitalizations. NY is also well under its Spring Peak.

                There was almost a panic back then about the possibility of running out of hospital beds although it did not happen. We are in much better shape now to deal with the coronavirus.
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                • The NE is not the problem.....



                  • This would be something if true.
                    "Hospital workers who got flu shot vaccinated were significantly less likely to develop #COVID19 than those who did not, early study shows."


                    • NY, NJ, and CT revised the quarantine list (as they do every Tuesday). They added California and Massachusetts to the list bringing the total up to 39 states plus Puerto Rico and Guam.

                      It is noted that NJ, PA, and DE now all hit the threshold that would put them on the list too, but they are excluded from the list because of the “interconnectedness” of the region.


                      • I think you're wrong about Massachusetts. MA appears to be in the same category as NJ, PA and DE.

                        Neighboring state Massachusetts now meets the criteria for the travel advisory, in addition to Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania - however, given the interconnected nature of the region and mode of transport between the states, a quarantine on these states is not practically viable.


                        • Meanwhile....

                          One word: Masks. North Dakota has the highest covid death rate per capita in the world right now and the lowest mask-wearing rate in the United States, between 45 and 49 percent, expert says.



                          • meanwhile, in Britain.....

                            PM under pressure to toughen restrictions after highest death toll since May
                            Advisers are said to have warned that hundreds could die every day for at least three months.



                            • Headline -Coronavirus: New lockdown for Germany as France awaits decision



                              • Originally posted by tandfman View Post
                                I think you're wrong about Massachusetts. MA appears to be in the same category as NJ, PA and DE.

                                NJ and NY have apparently announced differently about Massachusetts. We shall see. Note that Rhode Island has long been on the quarantine list.
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